Monday, October 11, 2010

Hollywood Flashy Crap

I talked with Ryan via Skype yesterday. He was filling me in on all the Polish 411. The old town in Warsaw is amazing, he said. So far the food hasn't been spectacular, but the views, city, and people make up for it.

Later in the conversation, I asked him how people dress. I would like to blend in when I'm there and look less western, since the news channels can't shut up about the elevated terror threats in Europe directed at Americans.

"They dress pretty nice," he said, "but very toned down. Black, brown, gray. That stuff."

"Okay," I said, making mental wardrobe notes.

"I wouldn't wear all of your Hollywood flashy crap, like you're headed to a magazine shoot."


He said that for my safety, right?

Maybe Leroy at the post office was speaking for the Universe when he told me, "There's no need to vogue."

(My non-vogue passport photo.)


Jesse C said...


Dede said...

I am dying right now thinking about Leroy!!! And, Ryan. And you. You're all so funny.

kami @ said...

c'mon Leroy! There's always need to Vogue.


Lindy-Lou said...

So funny. So Ryan. So you.
Did they tell you not to smile also? You showed 'em.

Mia said...

This was hilarious. And I am with Kami, there's always a need to vogue!!!

katie said...

I love Hollywood flashy crap. Passport clerks at the p.o. - creeps.

Angie said...

That's funny.

Kelly said...

You just keep wearing your Hollywood flashy crap! I think you look darling! A little bit of color never hurt anyone!

Becky said...

You make me laugh! I can totally hear Ryan saying that. Hollywood flashy crap- I love it!

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