Sunday, October 10, 2010

Abstract Thoughts at Almost Midnight

Here's the thing about me and Life.
I work really hard on my relationship with Life.
I pay attention to it,
Make it cookies with toasted coconut,
Listen to its self-centered stories,
Send it "just because" cards in the mail,
Invite it over for dinner.
OK, I admit it: I am sort of a suck-up to Life.
I totally dig Life.
Even though it mumbles sometimes and walks too fast.
(Wait up, Life! I got short legs!)
Every now and then I think I understand Life.
Life smiles at me and tells me a funny joke about mustard,
And for five minutes I'm blissful.
I'm like, Life and I are so tight. 
We totally get each other.
And then out of nowhere,
Life dumps its Diet Coke in my lap,
Grabs my ankles,
And drops me on my head.
And I'm like, Whoa! What just happened?
What the hell was that for?
Then Life just shrugs and walks away.
And I hold my head in my Diet Coke lap,
Wondering how many batches of cookies it will take
To get Life to like me again.


kami @ said...

I've been thinking about you, we need to talk. Right now I feel like life has me by the ankles.

Lindy-Lou said...

I think it just means you really are alive. "Suddenly the sorrow is swallowed in tomorrow." "I choose hope." I think they say the same thing. So wise you are. Both of you.

Kelly said...

Life is like Sour Patch Kids. Sour, and then sweet. And then they rub the skin off the roof of your mouth with that sugar that is just like sandpaper

Becky said...

How can you have such intelligent thoughts as these at midnight? I wouldn't dare post what goes through my mind at that hour. :) I'm thinking about you every day!

Soul-Fusion said...

I can relate ....... far too well. Hang in there and take notes since the hardest things can often turn into the funniest in hind sight. Or at least bring out the creativity. At least, that is what I try telling myself.

Heidi said...

Wow! Best poem ever! Whether you intended it or not, and I'm prone to think you did, the metaphor works on so many levels, so clever.

Mia said...

Darn that Life! I hope that Life gives you a break pretty soon.

Omgirl said...

SO true. Hope you get life back on your good side soon. :)

Donna said...

Life can be such a backstabber sometimes. (Sorry Life, you know I didn't really mean that right?).

ps- This post reminds me of a little moment I witnessed while sitting in a parking lot in Salina, Utah this Summer: a young mom walking to her mini-can full of kids, while holding a freshly filled 32-ouncer of soda, slipped in the most awkward way possible, slammed into her mini-van and dumped her soda on her head in the process. As strangers helped her get up and limp away to clean up, I tried to give her some dignity by pretending I hadn't just watched the entire episode. I know it's a trite example, but you're so right-- one minute you're happily going along, and the next you've got soda all over you.

Hope you and Life can work through it.

pps- Poland? Awesome!

Donna said...

Ummm, that would be mini-van. Dang blogger and it's no spell check.

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