Friday, September 13, 2013

Big Announcement: I'm Having a Book!

This is happening. An unbelievable summer of Internet frenzy has led to a lifelong dream of mine: to write a book and find it on a bookstore shelf. Last week I signed a book deal with Running Press (the geniuses who brought you Suri's Burn Book and Feminist Ryan Gosling). My book, featuring my imaginary daughter Quinoa, will be published in spring 2014. (Can't believe I just typed that.)

I would like to thank everybody who wrote, tweeted, posted and shared MIWDTD with their own audience, even if it was an audience of one, as well as my friends, my family and my agent who helped me bring this dream to life. This would not be happening without you, so thank you!

Guys, it's going to be amazing. Quinoa demands it.
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