Friday, October 15, 2010

I Interrupt This Blogging Slump...

...with happy photos. Many happy photos.

Like this one. This is Ollie and I'm in love with him. And don't accuse me of just falling for his looks; the boy has a great personality, too.


Here we are loaded in a minivan headed to New York City. That's James and DeDe along with my boys. James says it looks like I'm trying to show off my wedding ring in this picture.


We had an amazing few days together. We toured Washington DC, New York, as well as the mushroom capitol of the world. We spent most of our many hours of driving time playing "Hot Seat," asking each other deeply personal questions. 

Here's the boys club. Aren't they cute?


Let me now interrupt this blog post to point out a disturbing trend I've noticed. It seems that my last born offspring is slowly, inexplicably, morphing into Richard Nixon. What the?



If you have information regarding this problem, please let me know. I'm officially concerned.

Anyway, back to the trip. We had a great time and looked forward to it for so long, I'm completely sulky now that it's over.


It's impossible to tell but I promise it's true, minutes after this photo was taken, Ryan did an AMAZING toddler impression. It was an oscar-worthy performance. Even Ollie liked it.


Here's one last shot of me and my brother. I'd like you to know that I didn't pin him down, sit on him, or threaten to beat him up once during his visit. And likewise, he didn't call me a fat cow. We've really grown since we were nine and six.


It was so much fun being together. However, I've been thinking about it and I've determined that it was NOT long enough, and I demand a do-over!

Who's with me?


Mia said...

The Richard Nixon cracks me up! I am so glad that you had a happy visit. Love that cute picture of you and your brother. Awwww.

Jesse C said...

Making me feel envious/nostalgic.

p.s. That looks like a great little restaurant. I don't know where it is, but I want to eat there.

Angie said...

If you start finding tape recorders hidden around the house, then you have a real problem with your little Nixon.

It looks like a great time.

Lindy-Lou said...

I'm with Jesse. I think we need to have our next family reunion with you as our hosts. Twalk to the clubhouse people, wouldja?

Becky said...

I love Max's toothless grin! Priceless! Nixon pose and all!

Soul-Fusion said...

I would also like a do-over (with the beautiful sunny NY weather) so I can actually be in town when you take smiley, happy photos on my roof and eat at my favorite restaurant!

Dede said...

Thank you for reminding me of Ryan's toddler impression. I am now going to giggle all day thinking about it...pretty classic. I love the last one of you and James...I'm glad you two are friends now.

I agree-we did not spend enough time with you. I'll start planning our trip in the Spring to look for a house to buy-okay?

Also, for the record, you are THEE BEST HOSTESS in the world. Thank you for treating us oh-so good. We miss you guys!

Kelly Sperber said...

You and your brother look a lot alike. And how many amazing trips have you gone on since you moved? Fabulous!

Kristina P. said...

What an amazing trip. That's the coolest thing about the east. So many cool places within driving distance of each other.

Annie said...

fat cow huh? i always told katie i hated her. hated, not disliked or was mad at, hated. now i don't know what i'd do without her! love the photos, looks like a fabulous time.

Leslie said...

So, in the boys club photo, I was expecting James to be wearing a toddler-carrying backpack, and was confused when it was Christian's head poking over his shoulder!
I had to do a double-take!
I am totally jealous and soo happy that you all had a great time.

James said...

What an amazing trip. Thanks for being such awesome people and awesome hosts.

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