Monday, June 27, 2011

Things I've Grown to Like That I Swore I Never Could

Blue Cheese
Cool showers
Foot rubs
Taking my contacts out
Talk radio
Sleeping on my back
Being a little chubby
Small towns


Ali said...

Please tell me the secret of learning to like cleaning. I need to master it.

Kate said...


I try to like flossing. Still a cold relationship.

Ahem, you forgot poetry on this list.

My list includes country music and oatmeal.

Heidi said...

Do you mean "that I swore I never could"? or is there deeper meaning behind the "never swore I could"....hmmmmm I'll have to ponder that.

kami @ said...

I don't want to like the "little chubby" bit. Although I must, because I don't seen to do anything about it.

Welcome Back my friend! It's been a while.

I hope you have a Happy 4th!

Soul-Fusion said...

I miss sushi!!
I do not miss flossing (did I mention I have been advised not to floss :))

Becky said...

I'm so glad to know that you have crossed over into the blue cheese world! Welcome! And I will sleep better tonight knowing that you have removed your contacts. I have to admit I worried lots about your poor little eyeballs. :) Miss you!

Suzie said...

Who knew you could become even more likeable
With this list, you did.


Jodi said...

Sushi? Blue Cheese? Staples. Cool Showers? Maybe when I'm dead. The water needs to be hot enough to leave a mark.

LIz said...

Will you please come visit me? and give me your wardrobe?
p.s. i know this had nothing to do with your post i just felt the need to tell you

Mia said...

I haven't made it to horseradish and sushi, but I'm with you on the rest.

Brock said...

Well, you're certainly not chubby, but I would love to know how you figured out a way to like the possibility of being chubby. I've spent at least half of my life either loathing myself for being chubby or running the chub off my body. Not a healthy way to look at life, for sure. Though it does motivate me to run. :)

Shannon said...

Oops! That previous comment was supposed to be Shannon--not Brock. I'm pretty sure he's thoroughly happy with his chub. :)

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