Friday, July 15, 2011

Catch Up

The N key on my cell phone is malfunctioning. When I type an N in an email or text, I either get two Ns or no Ns at all. I fluctuate between souding like I have a terrible cold ad cat clear my ose, or else I sounnd like Poor King George and I cannnnot quite spit out what I'm tryinnnnng to say.

We're headed to Chicago for a week and excited to explore a new city. Let me know if you have a Chicago must see/eat/do. I'm planning to hijack a parade downtown and sing "Twist and Shout" atop a float whilst wearing a sweater vest, but I'm open to other ideas.

Christian is officially taller than me at five feet three inches. He had to have a physical and a booster shot for school, so I accompanied him to the doctor last week. He was dreading the hernia test, which the doctor said she didn't have to perform since this was a regular physical and not a sports physical. He was so elated until I asked the doctor to go ahead and perform the test anyway. Heh, heh.

Max and I have been spending a lot of time at the pool this summer. He swims laps and I roast on a lounge chair until I can't take it anymore and jump in. Yesterday there were a few kids playing with a giant inflatable toy in the pool. Max eased in closer to them just as they were trying to flip the toy over. He added a helping hand until one of them looked at him and shouted, "You can't play with this! We don't even know you! Get away from us! We don't even know who you are!" Max quietly backed away. I jumped in the pool and beat the kid to a bloody pulp. Actually, I didn't. I just yelled, "Max, stay away from that kid. He's a jerk!" For the record, I hate jerk kids.

There, you're updated.


Kim said...

1. Lincoln Park Zoo is free and awesome

2. For awesome pizza go to Spacca Napoli (1769 W. Sunnyside, Chicago, 60640) and you must get the dessert that is something w/Tuscan chocolate.

3. Downtown has the giant bean & water towers in Millennium Park.

4. Hershey's store

5. Oz Park is fun
2021 North Burling Street
Chicago, IL 60614

6. Not been to the children's museum or shedd aquarium but they're supposed to be great.

We love Chicago! Have a great time.

CSIowa said...

The Museum of Science and Industry is cool. We also liked Shedd Aquarium a lot. The Oceanarium there has a good dolphin/beluga whale show. You could always go see Sue the T-rex at the Field Museum, if you're into natural history. Personally, I enjoy the Art Institute, but my kids had a pretty short attention span there.

Have a great trip!

Vicki said...

I hope you love every minute in my hometown!! Here's my must-do-with-kids list:

1. Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier--after dark complete with fireworks!
2. Ed Debevics
3. Broadway in Chicago (great old theaters!!)
4. Shedd or Museum of Science & Industry.
5. Cubs game!
6. Gino's East for deepdish pizza

Have fun!!!

Miss M said...

I'm glad you told that jerk kid off.

On a completely unrelated note, may I have a copy of your summer soundtrack? I desperately need a mix CD from you. Pretty please?

kami @ said...

I would have shouted:

"You can't look at my kid! He doesn't even know you!"


Have fun in Chicago!

If I could go there, I would want to take some cool pictures in front of that giant metal mirror bean.

Do it for me!

Alison said...

Have a great time. That sounds like a fun place to go! Utah is the funnest of all though!

Lindy-Lou said...

I seem to remember that Chicago is a "toddlin' town". So you should definitely toddle. Someone is sure to show you around. Have a great time, and remind Max how many people love him with all their hearts and think he just might be . . . no, the stats are in, he is definitely one of the top 25 playmates in the whole world. Next time you might consider packing a hat pin in your purse when you go to the pool.

Leslie said...

grrrrr! I'm so mad at those kids! Max has such a kind heart, I'm sure that hurt. :(

jani vegas said...

Wahoo!! So happy to know that you are a "Mama Bear" too! Way to tell those idiot kids off! Jerks!

Jesse C said...

You are great.

Mia said...

Wait your cell phone still has keys? ;) So sorry about the jerk kid. Have fun in Chi-town. I've only been there once and for like a day and a half at that, so no good suggestions here.

Christy said...

This post made me laugh out loud!

Angie said...

It looks like you've already got some good suggestions. My mom's sister and her family have lived in Chicago for as long as I can remember, so we've spent a lot of time there. It's a beautiful city! One of my very favorites.

littlegypsy. said...

i hope you really did call that jerk kid a jerk! i've never been to chicago, but my friend was just there + said the H+M is awesome!!!

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