Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today I'm...

Pink for Alyssa

...wearing pink in support of Alyssa's first day of chemotherapy. Funny how those little pink ribbons you see around don't mean much to you until they mean everything to you.

...thinking about Oprah's final episode and her words of wisdom. It gave me a lot to think about and struck a few nerves, especially her thoughts on our feelings of unworthiness. Hadn't considered that before.

...sweaty after my morning walk and likely to be sweaty all day: temperatures in the upper 80s with an abundance of humidity.

...counting down the days until my parents' visit. Can't wait.

...considering starting my own podcast because I'm in love with podcasts and interested in the challenge of learning something new.

...wishing my legs were tan. The pool opens tomorrow.

...missing Ryan. He's out of town and the house feels weird without him.

...listening to music. Oh, Johnny Cash, I love your gravelly old voice.

...finding it hard to write these days. I'm slowly slipping into an uninteresting writing coma.

...glad you're still here. I'll work on reviving myself.


Leslie said...

I'm still here. :)

Today I'm:

wishing you lived closer so we could go out to lunch and laugh and talk.

Jesse C said...

Miss you Tiff. Good things are on the way.

Hil said...

You should definitely start a podcast. I could be one of your podcast groupies! Oprah's words were inspiring and thought provoking... who knew. Praying for your dear friend today!

kami @ said...

I felt the same about Oprah's final show. I saved it for a rainy day that I just want to hear it all again.

I'm still here...I'll always be here!

Thinking of Alyssa, and I feel optimistic.

Kate said...

Today I'm...

feeling twittered
feeling pretty
trying to finish all my homework before the weekend
wanting to read a book

Miranda said...

Definitely still here. ALWAYS still here.

I've been listening to Johnny Cash today too! I'm trying to decide which of his songs to put into a playlist for an upcoming road trip.

Lindy-Lou said...

Can't wait to sweat!! It's still winter in Utah! I love Johnny Cash's voice, too. Alyssa is on our minds and in our prayers. Didn't see Oprah's last Hurrah. Did you record it? Did see Biggest Loser Finale. I want to walk every day.

Mia said...

I saw this post earlier today and your friend Alyssa has been on my mind and in my prayers.

I'm glad you are still here.

Angie said...

My comments haven't been taking lately....? We'll see with this one.

I'm sending postive energy to Alyssa. I've never met her, but am her friend vicariously through you. Hope it all goes well.

Oprah got me thinking, too. She had some good things to say.
Love you Tiff.

Christy said...

Love the pink!

Reading this I was reminded of the walks we took in your neighborhood. Such a sweet memory!

I liked what you said about pink ribbons & I felt the same way about Oprah.

Hope you have a really nice weekend!

Becky said...

Can't stop thinking about Alyssa either. You are such a great friend-I don't think you will never know how great. I've been thinking about you too- missing you, hoping things get lighter and happier soon! Thanks for your posts- they always make me smile.

Kelly S. said...

Well. I read the divorce saga. Now I'm hooked on the cancer saga. Ever since she dropped the "speck on the bone" bomb I have been feeling nervous. I keep checking her blog to see if she has posted anything about the biopsy, knowing though it's too soon. You are a good friend.

Soul-Fusion said...

thank you Tiffany and thank you Tiffany's fans. I saw a woman with a pink ribbon t-shirt on the subway and I almost ran up and hugged her.

buddens said...

you are not uninteresting. therefore, you are interesting. phew! i hate double negatives. and i think that pink stripey number is adorable!

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