Friday, May 20, 2011

Cash, Bakeware, and Bragging Rights


Hey there, blog friends. If you're a goddess in the kitchen (and I know many of you are), it's time for you to enter a recipe contest over at Mrs. Fields Secrets, reinventing the chocolate chip cookie.

First prize wins $250 cash, a bakeware package valued at $100, and major bragging rights among your friends and family. Seriously, you can flaunt that kind of win!

Four runners-up will win bakeware packages and bragging rights too, but unfortunately, no flaunting. Womp, womp.

Enter now and help spread the word (please!). You really should do it. Think of the children.


Kelly S. said...

The phrase "don't fix what isn't broken" comes to mind. Why mess with perfection. I will have to tell my friend about this. I suck at creative baking.

buddens said...

I realize this is completely selfish, but my cookies are so good, they're worth WAY more than $250. I know, bratty. But at least I can console myself about being such a brat with some dang good cookies.

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