Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Ringing Endorsement

These are my friends Annie and Dan.
They are ready to be parents.
Guess what kind of parents they will be?
The best kind.
The kind that will read story books every night before bed.
The kind that will keep track of teeth brushing, fingernail clipping, and vegetable intake.
The kind that will say no when you should say no, and yes when you should say yes.
The kind that will surround their kids with loving cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.
The kind that will make sure their kids never stay up or out too late (unless there's a really good reason).
The kind that will make birthdays and holidays and even normal days special.
The kind that will check for monsters under the bed and witches in the closet every night, if needed.
The kind that will wipe noses, clean up puke, and pull all-nighters when the occasion calls.
The kind that will give their kids tedious chores that they won't appreciate until adulthood.
The kind that will continue to buy Legos even after they step on a few strays 
left in the middle of the floor.
The kind that will gladly attend parent teacher conference and back to school night
and PTA meeting and soccer practice and piano recitals and fund raiser meetings 
and even a few blood-curdling tween concerts.
The kind that will be good examples of hard work and a strong marriage.
The kind that will answer all the tough questions as best they can, 
and admit when they don't know any more.
The kind that will smile and laugh at lame-o first grade jokes.
The kind that will give pep talks, hugs, and unsolicited advice,
no matter how many times the eyes roll.
The kind that any kid would be exceptionally lucky to have.
The kind our world needs more of.

Annie and Dan are adoptive parents, waiting for a miracle. 
I am their friend who is happy to share their story.
You  know, because.
Because maybe you know someone.
Or maybe you know of someone.
Or maybe you will know someone.
Someone who isn't able to care for a child.
Someone who is looking for a solution to a heart-wrenching problem.
And maybe you will think, Hey! I think I know who could help.
And maybe you will remember Annie and Dan.

They even have a website with more of their information.
Check it out.
Spread the word, if you like.
Hug your kids.
And keep my friends in the back of your mind.


The Coolest Allen Family said...

I will, for sure, keep your friends in mind if I ever hear anything. I would also like to plug the Foster to Adopt program. All 3 of my babies were adopted (they are siblings)though this program; and my life has been forever blessed because of it. Good luck to them, they obviously have so much to offer.

katie said...

Perfect Tiffany. Absolutely perfect.

Hannah said...

If they are willing to travel to the UK I'll keep an eye out, I'm only 22 and a few people my age feel too young to start families so something could come up

Leslie said...

Thank you for posting this. They will be amazing parents, no doubt. I hope that they have a placement right away!

Lindy-Lou said...

I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment, Tiff. They will indeed make great parents. I will keep them in mind if we hear of any opportunities.

Shannon said...

I agree, they'll make excellent parents!

Angie said...

I bet they cry when they read this. It's very nice.

Suzie said...

awwwe. way to go Tiff.
Good luck to you both!

Jenny said...

I heart annie and dan!!
This is a sweet post. They will love it.

krissy said...

I agree completely!! They will make GREAT parents! I hope their miracle comes soon!

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