Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ten Thoughts for a Tuesday and an Unrelated Photo

  1. Bad economy! Go to your room!
  2. I am in a funk. Funny how being in a funk does not make me feel funky. 
  3. J.D. and D.D. arrive in eight days. That makes me feel funky.
  4. The forecast has been spectacular.
  5. I like doing laundry, which I realize means something is wrong with me.
  6. If a genie granted me three wishes, one of them would be to have a British accent. (I cannot reveal the other two because they would blow your freaking mind.)
  7. I found some amazing knives the other day at TJ Maxx, and cut my finger within 12 hours of the purchase. I am not used to amazing knives.
  8. I keep ordering weird, unknown movies on Netflix, expecting to be delighted. Turns out, some weird, unknown movies are unknown for a reason.
  9. The other day we saw a Chevy Citation on the road. I used to drive one. It was blue.
  10. I love my sisters. I love other people too, of course, but I'm dedicating this thought to the two of them.
Christian just got home from school. I forced him to take a picture with me.


Becky said...

And what a darling picture it is!

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

Could that photo be any cuter?

I need new knifes, or sharpen the ones I have. They are bad.

I wish you out of your funk. NOW! (right after I wish for more wishes)

CSIowa said...

I like doing laundry, too. Well, given the choice of any household task, that's the one I'd pick over making dinner or cleaning pretty much anything else. But I'd pick statistics homework over laundry. I don't really like gathering the clothes, so I've now made that a chore for one of my children. It's pretty satisfying to see those piles of clean clothes stacked neatly on the table (for someone else to put away--I don't like that part either). It's one of the few visibly productive things that a homemaker does. I also don't mind vacuuming if someone else will pick up so it can be done. Which reminds me, I noticed on caller ID that the vacuum store called and no one gave me the message. I probably need to go pick up the vacuum. Would taking a statistics midterm on Thursday make you feel funky?

Dede said...

Cute picture. I can tell your shirt is cute too.
I hope we can get you out of your funk.
P.S. I like that I made your blog :)We are literally counting the days. We just can't wait to have all four of you...all.to.ourselves.

Christy said...

First of all super cute photo! Second of all the knives, sounds like exactly something I would do!

Kelly S. said...

I have decided, you look to young to be Christian's mom.

Leslie said...

I love you too! I hate funks too. Not THE Funks, you know, because I don't really have anything against them. But being IN a funk stinks. I find them much harder to get out of than to get into.

Mia said...

I love the hilarious blog header (is it new or am I way behind?). Christian doesn't look forced at all. He looks like a boy who loves his mama. I'm ready for the bad economy to get a better attitude too. I ordered a magic fairy wand, when I get it, I'll zap your funk!

Suzie said...

I would give this loaf of pumpkin choc chip bread in front of me to know your other 2 wishes.

I keep ordering random obscure movies only to shake my head with discust at how obscure and random they are.

Hope you're outta your funk soon.

Kellybee said...

What a sweet picture! Christian looks so much like you. What kind of knives did you find at the Maxx? I always stare at the ones in Williams-sonoma and try to justify the price tag.

Jesse C said...

3. Jealous.
4. Be sure to specify, or you could end up with a non-flattering scouser accent.
8. We stream weird, unknown movies on our Wii with Netflix, but it doesn't feel as much of a waste because there isn't all the mailing involved.
9. Good 'ole Chev
10. Me too.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Love the picture... great post!

Kate said...

I like taking tests, which I realize means something is wrong with me.

I wish I could come visit you.

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