Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Whipping Out My Expertise

The blogosphere is full of experts on a zillion different subjects, and sometimes I start to get a little bit self-conscious. Unfortunately, if you hang around my blog, you're not likely to walk away much smarter. So I decided that I am going to infuse some of my expertise around here. And then I made a list of all the things that I am expert in:

1. Cubing watermelon.
2. Doing my hair.
3. Putting a loved one through 11 years of schooling without going insane.
4. Creating messes without really trying.
5. Describing cookies.
6. Ordering takeout for a group.
7. Making toast.

I looked over this list and immediately felt bad that I've been holding all this blazing light under a bushel. All I can say is, prepare to be wowed.

What are you expert in?


Kami said...

-shopping at D.I.
-fast ways to get to my regular spots
-wasting time online

I'm jealous of your toast skills. I've burned two bagels in the past two days. Doh!

marta said...

ooh la la. this is what i'm talkin' about! i can't wait for the takeout ordering and hair doing experiences. thank you for sharing your expertise.

i am an expert on giving unsolicited advice and shameless 'tactful' plugs.

visit my blog now for examples. xo.

marta said...

i'm totally joking about that. and hey, i really dig your new blog header.

Jesse C said...

Quite a useful list actually.

I consider myself a jack of all trades, master of nothing type of guy.

Hil said...

No need to ever feel self conscious. Your blog is one of my all time favorites. And I mean it.

I'm an expert at singing "Whatta Man" by Salt n' Peppa word. for. word.


Hannah said...

I'm an expert list maker.

I write (and rewrite) lists about 3 times a day. If the handwriting doesn't look just-so, I rewrite. Once completed, my list looks perfect.

Not sure if that makes me an expert list maker or a freak.

Probably the latter.

Suzie said...

1. I'm good at ordering at Starbucks.
2. I have mad skills in the ice making department. I own ice trays. (I know, huh?)
3. Matching socks. (I have the roll down pat!!)

cool header!
bonus: I'm good at spotting cool new headers.

Kim said...

1. Not saying no to requests such as "will you coordinate the refreshments for the piano recital?"
2. Mopping the floor when the weatherman has predicted rain/snow.

I don't possess too many talents.

courtney said...

ooh! this is fun!

1. i'm reallly good at making wet, clumpy rice. if that's the rice you want, i'm your girl.
2. pouring big glasses of wine.
3. eating.
4. talking about eating.
5. shoe shopping.

Andria said...

I have never been good at doing my hair, so I'm quite jealous at your ability to do your own.

Things I excell at:
1. Listening to songs in the car that are probably inappropriate for 6 and 4 year olds to repeat. (We've had to have a discussion on why it is not okay to say, "I love to hate you!")

2. Butt dancing. This requires you to dance on your butt while driving or riding in a car. I have also taught my children this skill.

Leslie said...

I am an expert cookie eater.

I make a FABULOUS strawberry smoothie.

I can pile dishes in the sink better than anyone I know!

I am an expert rhymer.

I am an expert at wandering corn fields in Nebraska looking for my sister. (ha, ha)

Angie said...

I honestly think that your blog has an enriching influence on the world. Why else would so many be reading it?

Greg at the DB once said that my imprinting skills are phenomenal. I tend to agree.

Christy said...

I am an expert at hot baths, trimming my own bangs & holding on to an extra 10 pounds

Kellybee said...

I am an expert at...
*Finding good desserts anywhere
*Singing in the car/kitchen/shower
(mind you, the singing is not expert material, but I sure try hard!)
*Cream cheese frosting
*Sun bathing
*Freckling (so now I use sunscreen.)

MiaKatia said...

1. I am an expert at not making dinner :)
2. I am an amazing cheerleader for my loved ones. I believe in people like nobody's business.
3. Shopping on line.
4. Eating cookies.
5. Getting to the door before the UPS/FedEx man rings the door bell and wakes up the baby.

Ginnie said...

I'm really good at cutting watermelon now.

Becky said...

Love your new header! :)

I'm an expert at reading blogs, cleaning up other peoples messes, and finding books to put on my list of books-to-read-when-I-have-life-to-myself-again. Oh and I've newly mastered this one: gaining weight! Go me!

Miranda said...

I am so intrigued by your ability to order takeout for a group. A skill so few posses! I'm an expert and finding what television station has cartoons on it at any time of the day.

Omgirl said...

I think I already may have mentioned my wicked water pouring abilities. Also, I have serious lipstick expertise. Folding clothes is a special talent. And don't forget aggressive driving....I am QUEEN.

Katie H said...

is it bad that i'm jealous of your skills?

i am an expert at:
-recognizing obscure actors in movies.
-tasting chocolate.
-responding to emails, right away.
-sending thank you notes promptly.
-making checklists. then deciding they are too messy, and making new ones.
-doodling during church/meetings/work.
-singing the tenor part in an all-girls group. just because i like freaking people out with a super low voice.
-blog stalking/admiring. esp with yours...
-going along with wherever anyone else wants to eat.

you're right. we should all be so proud of our miscellaneous talents.

Meg said...

this is so funny. i was thinking about this very same thing recently - about how everyone out there seems to be an expert (or claim to be) of something fabulous and i'm not sure i am an expert at anything. except maybe:

- managing my DVR
- sleeping in until the last possible second
- yelling out my back door (shamelessly) at my dog to stop barking
- i too can recognize obscure actors in movies
- getting overly excited about shows i watch, especially LOST
- talking about how i want to wake every morning and go running.

I think that about sums it up.

Soul-Fusion said...

you are the best take out orderer for a group person I know.

Vanessa said...

I see you have many hidden talents but you forgot to add that you do have a talent for making people chuckle. I find myself stopping by regularly for a daily dose...

Mindi said...

one major thing that i am NOT an expert in that leaves me so jealous of YOUR major expertise:

doing my hair.

you have a great head of it, too. which seems so not fair.

(something i've been thinking i should blog about but haven't because it shows what a complete idiot is the fact that i've just discovered the joys of having my hairdresser bff blow out my hair several days a week. i pay her 5 bucks each time and it is the BEST MONEY I SPEND.)

yeah, that looked even stupider all typed out and in the comment box.....

Mindi said...

ps great idea for a post--totally going to go with this in the next few weeks. xoxo!

tiburon said...

I can't believe this post didn't have the word ZHUSH in it.

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