Monday, March 1, 2010

Thoughts While Eating a Not-Quite-Ripe Pear

I took the pear from the bowl on the counter.
I love a bowl of fruit on the counter.
It looks so pretty.
But I get a little anxious when the bowl gets half empty.
Because it doesn't look as pretty.
So I stop eating the fruit for a few days.
To try and retain some of the prettiness.
And then, I panic.
Because, oh no, the fruit is getting soft!
And I'd better eat it before it goes bad.
(There's nothing pretty about a half-empty bowl of moldy fruit.)
Then it's a race to eat the fruit before it's un-eatable.
Sometimes I win.

Take that, fruit! Who's your daddy now?

But today there's two shriveled oranges next to the sink.
If I put them down the disposal to make it smell nice, do I win?


Julie said...

So I have this same problem...but with the oranges you definately win...its the bananas that I win with...banana bars...mmmmmm
Its the fruit flies I can't handle!!

Leslie said...

Those oranges are twins with the two oranges I have next to my sink. I'm putting mine down the disposal today, too!

Katie H said...

You totally win. Oranges down the disposal is one of my favorite smells. Do it!

Kami said...

Take that, fruit! Who's your daddy now?

Line O' the day!

You always win...

Miranda said...

Yes. Yes you do.

Sometimes I'm watching a TV show and somebody has a giant platter on their table that is spilling over with lemons or pears and I'm like, "Nuh-uh! That fruit cannot be real. When are they gonna get around to eating all of that fruit? No way."

littlegypsy. said...

will you please move to dallas and be my best friend? thanks.
there's a bowl of plastic fruit in it for you. ;)

Christy said...

I really like your fruit bowl.

I never thought of putting oranges down the disposal. My husband would loose it if he saw me doing that. He is very protective of our disposal. He has disposal issues.

Andria said...

Man! I had an old, hard lime on my microwave that I threw away the other day. Perhaps I should have thrown it down the disposal.

Lovely bit of writing about a fruit bowl. I enjoy lurking around your blog.

Travelin'Oma said...

Halfway through the week, when my fruit basket is getting low, I fill the bottom with some really real looking fake apples to keep the decorative aspect of the display.

My husband sticks the stickers from the real apples on the fake apples and nobody can tell the difference!

Kate said...

Great post. Today I listened to the Anti-Winter Mix you gave me. It brightened my morning and made me want to skip to class.

MiaKatia said...

I love putting citrus fruit down the disposal. Which is also my excuse for always letting it go bad.

Omgirl said...

Ah, yes. The eternal fruit-human battle of wits. I always lose. ALWAYS. That fruit is just so dang tricky!

tiburon said...

I prefer pears a little crunchy.

Mushy is no good for me.

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