Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Ordinary Olympics

This was an exercise from my writing group last week, using this prompt: Without knowing about it, today you have been participating in The Ordinary Olympics. What events did you compete in, how were you judged, and how did you do?

My first Olympic event today was the Getting Off My Duff and Out of Bed rotation. The judges felt that my slow response to turning off the alarm was worth a three-point deduction.

My next event was Getting Children Off to School, which I performed fairly well, other than a last-minute scramble in which I gave Max two answers on his homework in order to get it finished in time. Unfortunately, the judges disqualified me from this event, claiming that it was cheating.

My next event was a relay race--to Pilates, back home, to computer, to washer, to dryer, to sink, to shower, to hair dryer, and back to computer. I managed to finish just in time to qualify for tomorrow's competition.

What about you? Take a few minutes and write your own response!


Christy said...

I'm in the Olympics today? Cool! Well I'm exhausted from doing triple lutz jumps all night in my sleep so I think I'm gonna go for something lighter today.

I'm going to have one diet sunkist drink instead of my usual two which is gonna kill me cause I need caffeine after an all night competition like that. I seriously can't watch this stuff before I go to bed anymore.

Travelin'Oma said...

This is such a clever post. I've decided to sit out the events and be a judge. (I have great judgment and I want to practice.) 1st judgment call: 60 year old women should not copy the clothing style of male figure skaters.

Kristina P. said...

Your Olympics are much cooler!

Alison said...

First event making a lunch for my daughter. Scored well with the fastest time, but not so well in originality. I'm sure my daughter as a judge would have to say the sandwich, fruit, chips, and treat is not cutting it in the originality category. Especially after 8 weeks.

I will give myself a 10 in the triple cleaning bathroom event. Finished all 3 in record time including mopping the floor. Anyone else with three bathrooms cleaned today?

Does laying on the bed reading your blog count as an event? I would get a 10 in that too!

Kami said...

I love the Ordinary Olympics!

I don't think I medaled (sp?) in getting out of bed today.

Although I did do good at Getting Avery off to School.

The Ordinary Olympics will be a real boost for me, most days. I am now in it to win it.

Look out all you SAHMs!

Donna said...

I love this!

The big buzz over here is the Adjusting to Regular Life After 8 Days of Vacation: Long Track event. It's been a bit of a struggle, as the judges have been demanding home cooked meals and clean laundry. We were finally disqualified this morning after a herculean effort to take out the garbage at 7 AM. Turns out it was supposed to be done last night. Bummer.

The judges gave me a 7 out of town for effort in the First Workout After Vacation, Living Room Version event. Though points were deducted for looking bad in spandex.

The final category: Yelling at My Kids While Catching Up on Blogs. I had the gold before I even opened Google Reader. Victory!

Amy Jo said...

I love this! May I use it with my students? They write "scribbles" once a week from different prompts, and this would be fantastic.

Tiffany said...

Amy Jo - Of course you can use it!

The Parent Trapped said...

Anything but curling. OMG is that all they do at the winter olympics? Every time I turn it on there is another curling match or whatever the heck you call it. Looks like fun, but I think a few minutes of "Women's Get-the-Kids-out-of-the Door-and-into-the-Car" would be a welcome change!

Omgirl said...

Last week I competed in Lounging On the Beach and Drinking Copious Amounts of Virgin Pina Coladas. I won a gold medal in both. I also won a Gold medal in Gaining Weight On Your Vacation. I'd rather have had a bronze.

Heidi said...

You have a delightful writing style! Humorous, succinct, and original. I'm so glad I found this blog.

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