Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Fascinating Rumble

I have important things to get done today,
Things that people are expecting from me.
So important, in fact,
That I have grounded myself from distractions--
No TV, no music, no phone.
(Sometimes I treat myself like a teenager.)
I settle down to work,
To crank out amazing things,
To be prolific and clever,
But I keep getting distracted
By a rumbling noise in my gut.
It's shockingly loud.
Don't worry, I'm not hungry.
My belly is full of shrimp wonton soup,
And a modest tear of a giant chocolate chip cookie,
As well as a full glass of water.
The sounds, though, are amazing.
Rumbling, rupturing, resounding.
Epic, echoing, enchanting.
No pain at all, just the rumble of heavy bass,
Like that gangster car at the stoplight behind you.
Hey, abdomen, what is going on in there?
What's all the ruckus?
Turn it down for crying out loud!
I have important things to do!
Do you think they will understand when I tell them?
I'm sorry I didn't get my work done,
There was a fascinating rumble in my digestive tract. 


MiaKatia said...

Oh my goodness. Your digestive tract makes me laugh! What song is your gangster tummy thumpin?

Lindy-Lou said...

I get it. Love your interpretation.

Leslie said...

turn on the radio, to distract you from the loud rumble; and maybe finish off the giant chocolate chip cookie.

Angie said...

Goodness, I hope you're ok.

I saw on the news today that you're getting more snow. I'm sorry.

Ann said...

RX for you: raisin-filled cookie today. Put it on your to-do list.

Jesse C said...


Annie said...

It's good you can embrace your bodily functions. Most of my inexplicable rumblings occur during, like, prayers and funerals so I cover it up by coughing excessively.

Also, I'm guessing shrimp + wantons = ghetto blasting in the belly.

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