Sunday, December 13, 2009

Herod the Fink CD Winners!

Congratulations to the following winners:

Annie G.

Email me (tiffany at wouldbewritersguild dot com) with your shipping address and I'll get these out to you right away. And thanks to everyone who entered. I loved reading your memories!


Jodi said...

I won! I won! I'd like to thank Tiffany . . . this wouldn't have been possible without her. And I'd like to thank Tiffany's brother, Jesse, and everyone else who has considerably more talent than me and my family. Thank you for you willingness to share. And thank you to Herod, for being a fink.

Omgirl said...

Yahoooeeee! That is super awesome. I sure hope your brother is considering giving up his hand-embroidered sweater too. Or there might be another break-in in your neighborhood. well, his, I guess.

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