Friday, December 11, 2009

Out of Focus

It's two weeks until Christmas and all the rush and hustle has me feeling a little blurry. I just returned from an expedition to the local post office. I was holding one large box, one large bag full of smaller packages, and shuffling two other boxes along the floor with my feet. When I finally got to the desk, the postal worker wondered why none of the packages had names or addresses. Oops. One minor detail. He didn't think it was very funny.

I think it's people like me who inspire postal employees to go, well, postal.

I sat in the dusty corner and quickly labeled all seventeen packages while seven hundred people went ahead of me in line. It was also a balmy 325 degrees in the post office. I was dripping hefty drops of perspiration onto the packages. It's like spraying the packages with perfume, only the exact opposite of that. My apologies to our giftees. The good news is that I showered today. Had I shipped these on Tuesday, I couldn't have given you that assurance.

In other news, this morning my inbox brought me a very nice email from a reader who has been anonymous until now. Her short note was so nice, it gave me a little boost for the whole day. In fact, it got me to thinking about how much power the nice little note (or email) can have.

I think I'll pull the season back into focus and write a nice little note of my own to someone else. Thanks, Heather, for starting a chain reaction.

(Don't forget to enter the giveaway for the Herod the Fink Christmas album. Leave your comment here before midnight!)


Tiffany said...

I feel a little bit like a matchmaker. *sniff* I hope you and Heather will be very happy together in your new blogationship. She's a great girl! Don't hurt her, or I'll hunt you down! ;)

Christy said...

You are so CUTE! Even out of focus.

Kami said...

Your post office experience is my nightmare. I hate it in there! That's why I stopped going all together. I would rather pay more to not deal with the line.

what a nice note to get.

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