Monday, April 8, 2013

25 Things Before I Have To Go

  1. The windows are open, the breeze is blowing, and I finally believe that spring might be coming.
  2. Lucy does this thing to communicate with me where she shakes her whole body like she has the shivers, rattling her little tags and letting me subtly know that she needs something. I wish I loved her more than I do. It makes me feel bad about myself.
  3. I'm learning that growing up is a process that never ends. Still growing here, and hopefully up.
  4. I have absolutely no patience when it comes to painting my toenails. I glob it all on, and a few days later, when the excess has washed and worn off the surrounding skin, they look half decent.
  5. I like small bowls filled with candy. 
  6. Dinner tonight is orange chicken, courtesy of Costco's freezer section. Ryan is out of town, and I seem to have motivation for cooking when he is gone. It's because I associate preparing food with showing love. 
  7. I still can't believe I ran a half marathon. I've yet to revel in that accomplishment and I don't know why. I had very similar feelings with my college graduation.
  8. I'm terribly, terribly afraid of becoming a serious person. I only want to be 25% serious, maximum, at any time. But lately I find myself thinking serious thought. Oh help.
  9. On Thursday, Ryan and I will have been married sixteen years. Sweet sixteen, indeed.
  10. I am interested in the idea of having a lot less stuff. 
  11. My social media of choice these days is Instagram. (tbeve00) 
  12. Max just came in looking for squirt guns with his friends. Welcome, sunshine!
  13. I'm dying to smell freshly cut grass.
  14. I need to reschedule my hair appointment, but keep forgetting. Maybe writing it down here will help?
  15. Writing feels rusty. Like stiff muscles.
  16. My parents are on the other side of the planet. And I can sort of feel it.
  17. We took a road trip to South Carolina for our spring break. I came back with a new nickname for Ryan: Boss. I keep forgetting to use it, but it makes me giggle.
  18. If you want to hear a story that delights and haunts me at the same time, watch this.
  19. I buy ice cream, but I rarely eat it. I like knowing it's there in the freezer. 
  20. I have fallen in love with reading again, which I think is why I have struggled writing. When I was writing more frequently, I was hardly reading at all. Is this a cycle?
  21. I've been teaching Christian how to drive. The drivers here are terrible and I'm determined to give him a long, thorough education. You're welcome, Society.
  22. Neon yellow pants are my new favorite.
  23. I'm not a person who requires a lot of friends. The handful I have are amazing people.
  24. The fridge in the garage is not going to clean itself. But I'm going to give it another day or two, just to be sure.
  25. Phew.


Becky said...

1. I'm jealous that spring is in your grasp this week. 2. I still can't believe you ever got a dog. 3. I'm 40 and still trying to grow up. 4. At least your toenails are painted. 5. Candy is good! 6. We're having leftovers tonight cuz I feel the same way about cooking when Erik is out of town. 7. I am proud of you and your accomplishment. 8. I can't imagine you being serious. 9. Happy Anniversary! 9. Me too! 11. I heart following you on instagram. 12 and 13 kill me. I won't bore you with the rest! I miss you and your writing! Thanks for taking the time today!

Tiffany said...

You're one of those amazing friends I referenced.

Christy said...

LOVED your honesty, loved this post and I miss terribly, our early morning walks.

Jodi said...

Tiffany, just joined you in being delighted and haunted by 18. I think it's going to stick with me like last night's oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies.

Leslie said...

I'm so glad you're writing again. And, I'm so glad to finally have internet at home again so that I can peek in on your world occasionally!
o.k., so that guy TOTALLY CREEPS ME OUT!! Very disturbing.

Relyn Lawson said...

I'm with you on #25. I am still waiting for my garage to clean itself. ;^)

#16 - When my parents were in China, I could definitely feel it. I wouldn't have thought to put it that way. It's perfect.

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