Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What I Done Did

First I got on a train. I sat behind a group of judges who'd been in Philadelphia for a conference and were on their way home to New Haven. They were playing Words with Friends on one of their iPads and complaining about the computer's lack of respect for them and some of their words. They joked and giggled and gossiped and acted generally immature together. Judges gone wild.

Next, I got off the train in New York City. You know you're in New York City because of the smell of fresh urine and pretzels. Mmmm. I met up with my sister-in-law Betsy and niece Sydney. You know you're with Betsy and Sydney because of the fresh smell of shopping bags. Aren't they cute?


We ventured to Brooklyn and stood in line for the best pizza on earth. It only took an hour to wait for the best pizza on earth, which is reasonable, I think. Especially on a beautiful fall day.


Later, I sat in their hotel room and asked them to share all their shopping finds with me and, oh, what a parade! Ladies and gentlemen, the economy has officially been stimulated. I lived vicariously, delighting in the gorgeous fabrics and frugal finds. I may or may not have coveted a poncho and lusted after it in my heart.

The next morning, I arose bright and early and donned my walking shoes. I made like a pioneer and walked and walked and walked all day. First, I walked to Alyssa's apartment. Look how cute my baldy friend is! We're calling her new look chemo-chic. My look is slept-on-the-floor-frazzled. But I think it works.


The color theme of the day was pink. We joined a sea of pink at Central Park for the Race for the Cure. I'll be honest, mine was more of a walk for the cure, but I know the cure won't mind.


After the race, we had lunch with some of Alyssa's friends (such nice people, by the way) and then Alyssa and I spent some much-needed sofa time together at her apartment, laughing, talking, and occasionally crying. Eventually it was time for me to catch my train, so I walked and walked to the station. They oversold my train, but I pushed my way through before I could get bumped to the next one. I was ready to get home to my house full of boys. And also my bathtub.

The next day, I got to have dinner with my brother John who is in Philadelphia for some meetings this week. Lucky for us, it's Restaurant Week in Philly, so we took him out for swanky Mexican food. (Did you know Mexican food can be swanky?) We ate ourselves silly. We ate so much, my hair lost all its volume and pizazz.


I crashed in bed last night. I slept like a corpse. When the alarm clock went off this morning, it was a foreign and disturbing noise. I must have been dreaming that I was a wealthy aristocrat, able to sleep to my heart's content and never bothered by such annoyances as alarm clocks. I love that dream. I finally awoke, firing the butler, and crawled back into my everyday life.

Everyday life today included more walking, some writing, some emailing, some errands, and the creation of the first butternut squash soup of the season. It's roasting in the oven now, bathing in Thai spices and coconut water. I will patiently wait.

And that's what I done did. I wonder what I will done do next.


Miss M said...

I'm so happy you're writing again. I've missed it. When can we trade cds? I'm in need of some hip tunes and you are my favorite go to gal in this department.

Lindy-Lou said...

I love my kids.

Leslie said...

You done did some great things with some great people! Not to mention the great food.

Annie said...

i so wish i could just jump and a train and end up in new york city after only a small amount of time! the pizza looks incredible. i think i should go try it!

way to walk for the cure. i kinda like that name better. sounds less intimidating!

Kate said...

I like you. I like your blog.

buddens said...

Please oh please share the soup recipe! Sounds perfect.

Omgirl said...

Two things. No, three.

A) Your hair is looking particularly glossy and wonderful lately, no matter how you keep putting it down. New product?

B) Did you done get a job yet? I'm still keeping my eyes open.

C) Please to share your Thai Coconut Squash soup recipe???

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

Going places and doing things! My two favorites!

Those pizzas look amazing! So does Alyssa rocking the chemo-chic look.

Fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

You are the best.

jennie w. said...

Your curls are so perfect it looks like you have fake doll hair on your head.

Angie said...

I was wondering just the other day how Alyssa is doing. It's nice to see an update.

Sounds like a great couple of days. I'm supremely jelous of the fact that you can get to New York so easily.

Mia said...

That is a fun filled weekend. I am glad that you got to see your family and also hang out with Alyssa. I only know her from your blog, but I think of her often and send her good wishes/prayers.

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