Friday, September 16, 2011

Cool is a Temperature and an Attitude

  • It's cool outside today.
  • And I like it.
  • I think I'm growing up because I can let go of summer now without throwing a tizzy fit.
  • (I love the term "tizzy fit.")
  • Maybe I'm only acting mature because autumn on the east coast is beautiful.
  • Riveting.
  • Stunning.
  • Ridiculously flamboyant.
  • And an actual season.
  • Instead of two weeks wedged in between summer and winter.
  • (No offense, Utah.)
  • I'm going to a Phillies game tonight.
  • I'm going to wear a jacket and a scarf.
  • And I'm going to eat a pork sandwich and nachos.
  • And possibly some crab fries.
  • (Crab fries actually contain zero crabs.)
  • If there's room left, I will enjoy some Graham Slam ice cream, the greatest ice cream flavor in the world.
  • The food at the Phillies games is top notch.
  • You heard it here first.
  • The coolness actually set in last night.
  • Ryan and I slept with the window open.
  • The cool air brought our sleeping bodies back together in the middle of the bed for warmth.
  • After a sweaty summer apart, clinging to the cooler borders of the mattress.
  • Hello, stranger.
  • Mind if I warm myself for a while?
  • Fall is not so bad.
  • (Don't get me wrong, summer is still the best.)
  • But fall is not so bad.


Becky said...

I'm not a huge baseball fan, but your description of it makes me want to go to a ball game! You're a lady after my own heart... just here for the food. Have fun!!

Colleen said...

I'm so glad you're writing again!

Leslie said...

I LOOOOOOVE autumn! MY favorite time of year. I declared that to Ben the other day. He told me he hates autumn, because everybody buys red sweaters and he hates red sweaters.
Um, ok?!
Wish I could go to the Phillies game with you and share in some of that yummy food!

Omgirl said...

Really? Cause I am currently trying to think of an original way to write about my latest end-of-summer tizzy fit. Any ideas? Cause fall and I are still not on speaking terms.

Lindy-Lou said...

I love fall too. I enjoyed this post a lot.
We went to the UT ST Fair Sat night. Kindle Creek rocked. So proud.

Mia said...

I loooooove fall! especially a beautiful fall. Ours has been hinting that it is around the corner but it is taking its time.

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