Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Thoughts on Writing

  • It's warm here. Finally.
  • The trees are in full bloom.
  • I can set to rest the fear I have that winter will never end and everything will be gray and ugly forever.
  • There's a fine layer of dusty pollen on my kitchen counters, the results of leaving the windows open all night and day.
  • I left it there and escaped to the library, where I am now.
  • The library is quiet except for the occasional, thunderous throat-clearing of another patron.
  • It happens every 25 seconds or so.
  • Good thing I brought my headphones.
  • I'm at the library to write.
  • Specifically, I'm here to work on my novel.
  • Writing the word novel makes my stomach churn.
  • Lack of confidence, I suppose.
  • I am ignoring my lack of confidence and spending every Tuesday night writing.
  • (There goes the throat-clearing again.)
  • Writing a novel is a strange experience so far.
  • It feels a bit sometimes like I'm playing God with lives of people I've created.
  • I have no desire to play God.
  • I'm trying, instead, to be a storyteller.
  • The messenger.
  • Relating the story as it unfolds.
  • That makes me feel less weirded out.
  • Because, let's face it, the world would be a scary place if I were God.
  • French fries and milkshakes would make you thin.
  • Money and clothes would literally grow on trees.
  • People would never die.
  • And every night the crickets and frogs would croon indie-folk music to sing us all to sleep.
  • It would never work, of course.
  • We'd be overpopulated in, like, five minutes.
  • And civil wars would break out before I have time to realize that some people don't enjoy singer/songwriters as much as I do.
  • Which is why I'll stick to storytelling.
  • Throat-clearers and lack of confidence be damned!
  • (Which, of course, I don't have the authority to do.)
  • Over and out.


kami @ nobiggie.net said...

It is almost warm here, and I am READY!!

Enjoy those quiet Tuesday nights at the Library. good stuff!

Kari said...

Hope your Tuesday nights are productive! I get excited for you when you talk about your novel. :)

littlegypsy. said...

i mostly like you being god. i can't wait to read your novel.

Becky said...

Have I told you how much I love the way you think? I am so happy you are still working on your novel. I can't wait! Just keep typing....

Annie said...

snowed here this morning. it's never going to get warm! happy writing. you are amazing, and inspiring.

Artax said...

So happy you're working on your novel, and still occasionally posting to let the rest of us know about it. Can't wait to read it.

Suzie said...

ahemmmm. (throat clearing)
it is NOT warm here. Not at all. My tulips are never going to bloom either.

But in better news: your characters have life and the world is ready for them. They need you.
Here's to saying a little prayer every Tuesday evening! (at about 5pm MST)

Leslie said...

I believe in you! You are an incredible writer!

I like the Indie-Folk music idea.

Kelly B said...

I just want you to know that you are an amazing, funny, creative writer. I just finished reading Tina Fey's new book, Bossypants, and her writing style, wit, and sense of humor, remind me so much of you. You can do it...and you write in a way that I believe interests everyone. So put your chin up, and just keep writing. You ARE a writer! Love ya! Kelly

Jesse C said...

This makes me happy.

Kelly S. said...

I'm jealous that spring has finally arrived. It's still full on, balls out winter here. Pardon my french.

Omgirl said...

My mom must be at the library with you. I've had throat clearing in 25 second intervals as the background music to my life since I was born.

I think I'd prefer frog and cricket indie folk music. Get working on that, would you?

Lindy-Lou said...

Keep on keepin' on. We're all waiting.

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