Sunday, January 23, 2011

100 Things About Me

I know this is so 2006, but I like this exercise.

  1. I have brown eyes.
  2. My oldest child is only an inch shorter than me right now.
  3. I have the beginnings of a bad knee.
  4. I was born at home.
  5. I like to eat.
  6. I get up every morning at 6:40.
  7. I am currently trying to reconcile my lifelong rift with winter.
  8. I'm a friendly person, but a bit of a loner.
  9. I keep my fingernails short.
  10. I am about to turn 34.
  11. I enjoy the liberal daily use of good smelling lotion.
  12. I like my dog, but sometimes fear that I don't show her enough love.
  13. I'm the sixth of eight children.
  14. I like to learn a little bit about a lot of things.
  15. I hate it when my home phone rings; it's almost never someone I want to talk to.
  16. I enjoy cooking most of the time.
  17. I love singer/songwriters.
  18. Almost every bit of advice or scolding I give to Christian is something I should use myself.
  19. I love my house.
  20. I used to leave my contacts in for months; now I take them out every night.
  21. I'm in love with my husband.
  22. I think I want to go to the circus for my birthday.
  23. I am falling out of love with blogging.
  24. I enjoy vacuuming.
  25. I do not enjoy dusting.
  26. I hate cleaning out the fridge.
  27. Someday I'd like to learn more about the stock market.
  28. I'm working on a novel. The process intimidates and terrifies me.
  29. I crave summer like a drug.
  30. I would have enjoyed math more in my youth if someone had explained that it's one of very few things in life that result in a "right answer."
  31. I like texting.
  32. I like old buildings.
  33. I love doing laundry and folding laundry, but I hate putting it away.
  34. I have decided to consciously stop wishing things were different about myself. What a waste.
  35. I think David Gergen is the best political commentator ever.
  36. I used to hate chewing gum until I realized that I could chew it for only a few minutes and then spit it out. Turns out, I'm in charge of my gum!
  37. I enjoy walking outside more than any other form of exercise. 
  38. I am a huge fan of carbohydrates.
  39. I like driving my car.
  40. One of my pet peeves is people who stand right outside the entrance of buildings smoking.
  41. Sometimes I feel like a good writer and sometimes I feel like a crappy writer.
  42. I feel like I've become much more serious in the last few months and I don't like it.
  43. I'd like to have more ambition, but I also want to feel content.
  44. I no longer have a toenail fungus.
  45. I am genuinely tired of reading about war: in fiction, in nonfiction, in real time.
  46. I am more funny on paper than I am in real life.
  47. I am not competitive with others.
  48. I really try to be a good parent, and I think that most of the time I am.
  49. I used to be afraid of semicolons; now I just don't like them.
  50. I would never want to re-live my twenties.
  51. I would never want to re-live my teens.
  52. I am saddened when I hear of unhappy childhoods.
  53. I believe in working hard, but also making lots of time for fun.
  54. I love A Prairie Home Companion on NPR.
  55. Even though I am a woman, there is a lot that I don't understand about women.
  56. Give me sushi and I'll be happy.
  57. I'm overwhelmed sometimes by how much I love my kids.
  58. I am continually amazed by Ryan and his accomplishments.
  59. I can waste an entire day with little to no effort at all.
  60. I am a longtime user of Proactiv Solution, and a sucker for most infomercials.
  61. In my opinion, traveling is not only fun, but absolutely necessary. Every place I've ever visited has changed me and my view of the world.
  62. I want to travel more. Lots more.
  63. I think bridges are jaw-dropping structures.
  64. I worry about my dad's health sometimes. I want him to live a long, long time.
  65. I don't worry about my mom's health so much. She was a health nut before health nuts were cool.
  66. One of my favorite quotes to ponder came from Mad Men: "Nobody knows what's wrong with themselves, but everybody else can see it right away."
  67. I'm trying to figure out what everybody else can see right away about me.
  68. I love my brothers and sisters.
  69. I like to sleep with a foot sticking out of the covers.
  70. I am not afraid of or opposed to killing spiders.
  71. I have nice handwriting.
  72. I have bad hearing.
  73. I think it's important to listen to intelligent people who disagree with you.
  74. I used to love David Letterman until he was revealed to be a dirty old man.
  75. I love the energy in restaurants.
  76. I use a lot of brown sugar in my cooking.
  77. I don't understand people who are difficult and abrasive.
  78. Sometimes I want another child, but most of the time I don't.
  79. The older I get, the more I believe that faith is an intensely personal process.
  80. The other day I remembered something really mean I did when I was 12.
  81. I fear that I will never get used to the east coast greet-with-a-kiss-on-the-cheek thing. Awkward.
  82. I really enjoy and appreciate fast food sometimes.
  83. I don't have much interest in super fancy restaurants.
  84. I don't think I have enough confidence in myself.
  85. I am mildly obsessed with This American Life.
  86. I prefer showers to baths.
  87. I truly enjoy an un-rushed trip to Target.
  88. Sometimes, if I really think about it, the momentum of technology can really freak me out.
  89. I haven't made burritos for a long time.
  90. I feel sad that Ryan's parents are dead.
  91. I love the last mushy bite of an ice cream cone.
  92. I am in love with the beach.
  93. I wish I would have known my grandparents
  94. I have music playing all the time. (Just like my mom.)
  95. I am short.
  96. I am nervous to be the parent of a teenager.
  97. I check my email all the time.
  98. I don't keep a regular journal.
  99. I am tired.
  100. I like grapes.


Jesse C said...

This is great. I wish this was a monthly post.

23. I wish this wasn't true, but I understand. The wind has gone out of my bloggosphere to a very substantial degree.

29. Amen sister. The other day while freezing at work, I started daydreaming about living in a tropical paradise. It seemed pretty much awesome.

84. There is no reason on earth why this should be.

Donna said...

14, 26, 32, 34, 42, 46, 47, 54, 55, 59, 73, 74, 77, 78, 79, 85, 92, 97: ME TOO!! (That means we are like 18% exactly the same right?!) ;)

And, as for #23: I was beginning to suspect. I hope it doesn't continue, but I understand if it does.

Suzie said...

I really, really like you and this post.
We share the same pet peeve of smokers right outside the door.

and the love of an unrushed trip to Target.
But alas, I can't stomach the last bite of an ice cream cone

(and you'll be great as a parent of a teenager! it's the same as parenting a great kid only 90 times worse!)

Anonymous said...

Okay. At the risk of sounding like a creepy-blog-stalker-fan, I must tell you that my tummy did a little flippy-floppy thing when I read #23. You are definitely one of my all-time favorite bloggers. I would miss you if you stopped blogging (although I feel like I should say "I would totally understand" like the other nice people who commented.).

PS I love this list.

J.J. said...

I agree with soveryvicki. I subscribe to lots of blogs but yours is one of the few that I genuinely appreciate!
Also, I can help with #27 any time you want, just shoot me your questions!

Christy said...

I really enjoyed reading this & it really made me miss our morning walks cuz I miss you!

Annie said...

I don't like David Letterman anymore, either.
I like this list.

The Coolest Allen Family said...

Great List...except for #46. It is not true and I know this for a fact. (Doesn't matter that is was over 10 years ago; I am sure you are just as funny, if not more, now.)

Ginnie said...

I decided to switch it up a bit and started reading at #100 made my way to #1... which is so 2011. ;)

Omgirl said...

that's a great list! I LOL'ed abour your gum comment. So funny and so true! I agree with so many of the things you said and found myself surprised at how much we have in common. But not the Prairie Home Companion. I want to blow my brains out every Saturday when it takes over NPR.

buddens said...

fun list! even if it is old school bloggy. back from when guys blogged and people used blogging "handles" and such. So many of those things, I can identify with, so here's a smattering of some of the more unique ones: 36, 43, 46, 55, 71, 72, and I totally DISagree with you on the ice cream one. :)

Lance said...

I don't care if it's "2006" to do this. I love it every time!!!

You rock.

Kelly S. said...

Good post. I actually have noticed that you don't seem to love blogging as much as you used to. Bought some Mrs. Meyers countertop spray. Thought of you and your yummy smelling home across the street which isn't your home anymore. Snif.

Jennie Blaser said...

I eat the entire ice cream cone JUST for that last, smushy/crunchy bite of goodness! Love it. I go through blogging highs and lows as well.

lizzie said...

i like you, tiffany. and i miss you.

Mia said...

I love the list. Totally surprised about some of them (#4 really, do tell). Others I am totally on board with (#14). There is a lot to this list!

Becky said...

I love your list and I still remember (and in fact am quite grateful for) the list that you made me write years ago. You made me do it, right? :) Anyway, I am glad to know you are taking your contacts out every night now- I was worried about your cute eyes. And you must NEVER stop blogging. Never, never. Oh, and teenagers are like women. You will never understand them...but they are AWESOME!

Kari said...

This is a great post. If it is "2006" I wouldn't even know it since the word "blog" wasn't a part of my vocabulary until 2009.

PS Your writing inspires me. Thanks.

kami @ said..., this makes me sad. You can't ever stop blogging.

#36 made me laugh. "Turns out I'm in control of my gum". :) so funny, you are.

Kate said...

Don't even think about escaping. Er, I mean don't even think about not blogging. Sorry, Princess Bride quotes seem to slip out before I stop them.

Kellybee said...

Tiff, I enjoyed reading your list! The one that got me was about how you wish that you knew your grandparents. I think I have always taken that for granted. Also, you do keep a regular journal...this blog! Which is excellent! So, you can slow down on posts if you'd like, but you can't completely give up, because it is the one way that we get to keep in touch...speaking of which, I need to start a new one soon.

aimee said...

My favorite: I have decided to consciously stop wishing things were different about myself. What a waste.

If you continue to keep falling out of love with blogging you must be diligent in writing your novel because you will surely be missed by me and I will need something to appease that missing. I have never met you but I am truly endeared by you!

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