Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Best Five Dollars You'll Spend This Season


Today is my brother Jesse's birthday. (Happy birthday, Jesse!) He's in a band called Herod the Fink. And his band is a Christmas band. (How cool is that?) It's all original music about Christmas and the ideas and feelings---silly and serious---that fill our hearts this time of year. The album is so good. It's my personal Christmas soundtrack this year. Here is my favorite song; it's called Back to 337, which is also the name of the album. (If you're reading on Google Reader, you'll have to come on over to my actual site to get the link.)

People, you can download the entire album for only five piddley dollars. You should skip that combo meal and buy this album instead. It will enrich your entire season, I promise.

And one more cool thing? Jesse and his band mate Jason are putting on free concerts this season. Their dates are filling up, but if you live in Utah, you should look into having them come and rock your Christmas party. We had them rock Ryan's family party on Saturday night and it was the highlight of my trip. Find out more information on their website.

Happy birthday, Jess, and Merry Christmas to everyone else!


Lindy-Lou said...

This is such fun, toe-tapping music with an unmistakeable undertone of goodness and the joy of the season. Listening to it lifts my spirits and is a fresh way to celebrate the music of Christmas. I LOVE it. I would love it even if Jesse wasn't... well, my baby boy.

Angie said...

That really is good.

Becky said...

Did you hear? They are coming on Saturday to do a concert for Nicole's birthday party! How cool is that? Didn't think we would be able to top her 16th b-day party....but this is definitely going to do it! Can't wait!

Mia said...

I love Christmas music! Can't wait to listen to it.

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