Monday, November 29, 2010

Guess Which One


One of these boys has been drafting a Christmas list all weekend. It includes---but is certainly not limited to---the following items:
  • Porsche 911 all-black racing car
  • The best Pok√©mon card in the world
  • Infinity real dollars 
  • A remote control helicopter with a camera
  • A catapult
  • Spy cameras
  • A real butler
  • A real guard
  • A massaging chair
  • A real cheeseburger restaurant
I like all the emphasis on "real" in this list. Because this list is truly based in reality. 

Okay, time's up. Did you figure out who's list it is?


Leslie said...

I love the list! And I love the kid!! Can't wait to see you!!

I'm adding a butler and guard to my list too!

Soul-Fusion said...

can I just ask Max one question - why does he need a real guard? I mean, I get the massaging chair and the butler (who hasn't had those on their wish list before?) but I'm wondering what he needs to be guarded from.

Angie said...

I think Max, and I think it's a great list.

Jesse C said...

I really think you should get a butler. That would be amazing.

Annie said...

i think he is planning ahead on the guard thing. he's going to be famous one day! and the butler, what a great idea! who knew you could just wrap one up and put it under a tree!

Becky said...

That child is a genius! I had no idea that you could ask for a butler! I want one too! Oh and a cook while I'm at it.

Kelly Sperber said...

None of the above. I guess Ryan!!! Ryan always struck me as a black Porsche 911 kind a guy. And definately a guy who needs a guard!! He heheheh....

Mia said...

That is my kind of list, but my butler would have to cook as well! And the Porsche should have a driver, super fast cars scare me :)

Erik said...

I heard Infinity real dollars is the must-have gift this year. Max is coolest.

kami @ said...

Infinity dollars?! Why didn't I think of that!

Dream Big little Max...dream big. :)

Lindy-Lou said...

I think the catapult has possibilities. He has a cousin who built one, remember? Shipping could be pricey, IF it is up for grabs. Give your sis a call.

Shannon said...

My favorite is the remote control helicopter with the camera. Just imagine the dirt you could collect on the unsuspecting neighbors!

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