Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Czech It Out


In our household, it's all about the cars. My boys are in and out of obsession with car makes, models, and other interesting specs like speed, horsepower, and how many houses one could purchase to equal the cost of one. Luxury sports cars are an especially popular subject, and given the option, I'm sure our boys would choose homelessness if given the chance to have a fine set of wheels in exchange.

If I had to guess, this sweet little Maserati is the probably the equivalent of a nice three-bedroom house with a two-car garage, plus a town home or two. We spotted it in Prague and had to take some souvenir photos of it for the boys. They were almost as giddy about it as they were about the giant tube of mentos we brought them.


Kelly Sperber said...

Ni-i-ice! Two thumbs up and a big cool car dude! PS Every time Matt goes to Germany even with the military, he rents a BMW and takes pictures of it. Inside and out.

Kari said...

A car like that would make homelessness a lot more appealing!

Mia said...

That old thing? I've had it for forever. ;)

Alison said...

Love the picture of the car and Ryan.

Becky said...

Yowza! Very nice! That would have been a fun souvenir to bring home!

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