Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Very Complex Creative Process

  • Stage 1: A good idea is born. No, make that a great idea.
  • Stage 2: Your soul is filled with purpose, your veins with adrenaline. You're the king of the world! No, better than that--you're an artist!
  • Stage 3: You compose the entire piece in your head's brilliant.
  • Stage 4: Pen (or computer, or paintbrush, or guitar) in hand, you begin the real work, the nuts and bolts of putting your brilliant idea into a tangible form!
  • Stage 5: You stop for a snack.
  • Stage 6: You check out what's on TV.
  • Stage 7: You get back to work and redo the entire beginning.
  • Stage 8: You stop for another snack.
  • Stage 9: Potty break.
  • Stage 10: You get back to work and erase at least one-third of what you've done.
  • Stage 11: Panic.
  • Stage 12: Confusion.
  • Stage 13: Blank staring.
  • Stage 14: You force yourself back to work and squeeze out a painful sentence/line/stroke/chord.
  • Stage 15: You stop fooling yourself and admit--out loud--that you are an idiot.
  • Stage 16: You wallow in the miserable realization that you will never, ever, ever have a good idea again in your life.
  • Stage 17: You imagine yourself as an old, toothless homeless person talking to anyone who will listen about all the brilliant ideas that escaped you.
  • Stage 18: Massive chocolate and/or potato chip intake.
  • Stage 19: You give yourself a half-hearted pep talk and decide to try again.
  • Stage 20: Before trying again, you wander every room in the house and lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling.
  • Stage 21: You re-read The Little Engine That Could.
  • Stage 22: You weep uncontrollably.
  • Stage 23: You force yourself back to your work.
  • Stage 24: You're really serious. No more playing around. You're going to soldier on. You're ready to get back on the creative horse, no matter how many times it bucks you off.
  • Stage 25: You get back to work...right after you take a very important self-portrait.


Ali said...

I was taking you seriously till the photo!! Somehow my 'open composer, blurt, hit publish' approach seems so much less painful! But then, I'm no writer.

jennie w. said...

You left off getting incredibly sidetracked on the internet.

I'm very jealous of your awesome facial hair.

Soul-Fusion said...

this is exactly why my first post in a month is not creative, not brilliant and mostly photos.

Leslie said...

Hey! How did you get into my head?! Get out of there! I mean it....

Jennie said...

love this! I just sent the link to my writer's group... I took you seriously... even the photo. That is just part of the whole creative process. (though I would have thrown a few more snack breaks in there)

Becky said...

Hello blondie! You just described what I go through every day. Hence no posts. But I have a photo booth full of adorable pictures!

kami @ said...

I've experienced all 24 stages and if I only knew about stage 25?! My life would be sooo much better.

Thanks for that!

ps. I knew you could - I knew you could!

Mia said...

The self portrait is essential! But I wouldn't really know since I haven't even made it to step one all summer ;)

Jesse C said...

Soldier on sister, soldier on.

Angie said...

Do you remember Don Music on Seasame Street? "Oh I'll never get it, Never!" and then he'd bang his head on the piano keys. Made me laugh every time. This is just as good.

PS - the word verification I've been given is "jackfu". I think it's telling me off.

tiburon said...

You might want to think about a bang trim.

Suzie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suzie said...

I am adding stage 13 & 21 to my daily routine thanks to you.

and I am going to wish for naturally curly hair just like yours.

Kerith said...

You are one HI-larious gal! Love the cleverness of it all.

Ginnie said...

"very complex" is an understatement.

Lindy-Lou said...

I made it w/o an audible chuckle, just a grin, until #21 and it was all over.

Shannon said...

What about the part where you rip your keyboard from your computer and jump up and down on it causing keys to skitter about the room like dropped legos.

Or is that just me?

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