Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things I Think About While Watching the News

The truth is, I rarely watch the news. It's usually a big downer, with one little story about puppies at the end so that you don't dream about murders and taxes the entire night. One of the thoughts I frequently have when I do watch the news is, Do I really need to know this? Followed by another frequent thought, Do I have any chocolate stashed in the kitchen?

Ryan is a bit of a news junkie. He reads a few papers online every day and usually catches a news cast too. I depend on him to let me know if we are getting in a war, getting out of a war, recovering from a recession, or voted one of the 100 best small towns to live in. He, on the other hand, depends on me to keep him apprised of any exciting developments on The Real Housewives of New York City. Although, in full disclosure, he hasn't asked for any updates in the last three years. But still, it's a system.

I go through phases with the news, believing at times that it's my civic duty to know What's Going On. And then other times, I believe that watching Nick @ Nite with my boys is my familial duty, and a way to be part of What's Going On, at least in their lives. What can I say? I'm a flibbertygibbet.

My friend Susan and I love to use the phrase, "I heard on NPR..." as often as possible, because that phrase automatically elevates your perceived IQ in most social circles. In fact, we've found that in 86% of cases, you can follow that phrase with any information, fact or fiction, and most people will believe you. Seriously, I heard that on NPR!

But back to the news and my thoughts during the news.

One of the things I think about is the wardrobe of the newscasters. Do they have a wardrobe budget? Did they have a wardrobe class in journalism school? Do they get a discount on bulk purchases of solid colored pantsuits? How many times, in the beginning of their careers, did they head out on the set thinking they looked pretty snazzy, only to see actual footage showing them as a hot mess? Because that phenomenon I just described? Happens to me several times per week.

I also wonder the effects from creating a culture in which we demand to receive information about the world's atrocities from such beautiful people. Will we eventually be conditioned to expect bad news from  all attractive people? Or just attractive people in pantsuits?

I heard on NPR that we will.


Suzanna said...

I have a friend who is a newscaster, and all of her clothes for the week are sponsored. Each week, 5 outfits from a clothing boutique in town show up in her office for her to wear. Of course, she has to give them back, but isn't she lucky?

Leslie said...

THAT must be why I unconsciously avoid attractive people in pantsuits!

Becky said...

I wonder the SAME thing! The ladies would not be about to wear their outfits ANY other place- I mean who really wears bright pink suits these days?

Miranda said...

I started thinking about the weather girl's wardrobe when I moved here. I swear to you, it looks like she is in high school. It was a little jarring after the solid color pant suits weather lady in Denver wore.

lizzie said...

do you remember sandy riesgraf on FOX13 news? i think she has had the same look since she started in the late 1970s. i really worry about her. and i often tell her she needs to change her look, or at least her hair. but she doesn't listen. maybe i should turn the tv up louder. then she could hear.

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Christy said...

So funny! Thanks for making me laugh today!

Angie said...

You know the best news source? The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and The Colbert report. They talk about actual issues, and are so, so funny.

I tend to focus on the hair and makeup instead of clothes. It is ironic that the news anchors are attractive. Maybe it softens the blow.

Shannon said...

My 15 year old daughter likes to drop the "I heard it on NPR" IQ enhancer. I think it's cute. I doubt it's getting her anywhere with teenage boys, however.

Travelin'Oma said...

I am a total news junkie. I always wonder why they give a hint about the big exciting story and then lead with a dumb one.

And it totally bugs me that they don't mention wars and bills passed by congress, but they tell us about the cow that wandered into some 7-11 somewhere.

And totally the buggiest thing: the pre-weather tease, the ten minute weather lesson, and the last-minute weather reminder. And they never apologize when they got it wrong and I wore flip flops in a snow storm.

Most importantly, I study the newslady's jewelry. Were the big earrings too matchy with the necklace? Did she match her metals? And does she have someone do her hair and makeup every night?

Great topic!

tiburon said...

Inquiring minds want to know. Are you watching the Real Housewives of DC?!

Cause I am hooked!!

courtney said...

can i just say that you're one of my top favourite bloggers ever? i'd say top three, for sure. likely even top two.

i couldn't agree more about watching the news. i hate the news. i feel like people who watch the news are more likely to be pessimists (did i hear that on NPR?), and i prefer to remain optimistic.

any by optimistic, some might say ignorant.

(i also enjoy your use of flibbertygibbet. triple word score to you, my friend.)

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