Monday, July 19, 2010

The Cold, Hard Truth


SODA #1: Can I ask you something?

SODA #2:  Sure.

SODA #1: Promise to be totally honest?

SODA #2: Of course. You have my word.

SODA #1: Do you think I'm too big for this can?

SODA #2: Nooo!

SODA #1: Seriously, does this can make me look fat? I mean, you and I have worn the same size can forever, but it seems like I've gotten a little pudgy lately, you know, since I broke up with Dr. Pepper. Do you think I need to move up to a size liter?

SODA #2: No, not at all. You're totally workin' the 12-ounce. It gives you a chance to show off those curves.

SODA #1: Are you sure? I seriously feel so self-conscious, like I'm about to pop out of it or something.

SODA #2: Stop being so paranoid! I mean, like I'd be careful if you go dancing, but otherwise you're fine.

SODA #1: For real? You don't think I look ridiculous?

SODA #2: Whatevs! You're the bomb.

SODA #1: Like, serious?

SODA #2: For sure.

SODA #1: You're the best bestie a soda could ever have.

SODA #2: Awwww. Ditto.

By the way, check out my guest post over at No Biggie today. I'm sharing my famous punch recipe. You're gonna love it. Thanks to Kami for the opportunity!


Leslie said...

Sooo funny and clever. I second the don't go dancing sentiment.

MiaKatia said...

I wonder if that is how I look in my can ;) And your punch recipe looks delish.

Kahler and Katy said...

you are hilarious! (and your punch recipe is what initially brought me to your blog months ago- so so good!)

Kristina P. said...

You are too witty and funny.

Soul-Fusion said...

LOVE this! I can always count on you for a laugh.

jennie w. said...

At least it didn't explode in the freezer. Cleaning up frozen spilled pop is a total drag (and don't even bother trying to tell your kids it's a giant popsicle. They won't buy it.)

Becky said...

I just knew that your blog was the right one for me to read today! :) Such a funny lady. I love your punch too!

Kelly S. said...

What happened to that soda? (And did you know that drinking diet citrus flavored soda can help with kidney stones? Something about the potassium citrate in them bonding with the extra calcium in your kidneys and flushing it out.) I think I remember saying you had them before. And it's yummy. The soda, not the kidney stones.

Hannah said...

this made me laugh out loud. you are hilarious. i needed a laugh today.

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