Monday, May 3, 2010


Do you use Twitter? I do. I was a little reluctant about how to use it/how to think of it until I heard it described as micro-blogging. Ah! Now it all makes sense! Twitter is where I now put those little thoughts that never need to grow any bigger than they are. 

Here are some of my tweets from the last few weeks, just in case you're not one of the tens of people who already saw them: 

Are you ever going about your day and then suddenly stricken with the fear that you forgot to put on deodorant this morning?

Rain, rain, go away!
(Later) Hey! The rain went away! My tweet worked! I have magical tweet power!

I watched District 9 tonight. Wow. It's kind of like Avatar, except that it doesn't suck.

Dear kitchen floor, you are dirty.

Wouldn't it be great if TAMN had two more daughters and named them Kamisole and Kardigan?

One of my favorite TV shows is CBS Sunday Morning News. I love it! And I'm not even 73!

Thank goodness the Jazz pulled ahead. I can't handle Ryan verbally abusing the TV when they're behind.

Proofreading is numbing my brain, which is ironic because that's when you miss stuff.


Still channeling Winnie the Pooh (think, think, think), but hijacked by Tigger (bounce, bounce, bounce).

Scrapping draft, starting fresh. I never do that.

I love children. Except for the ones who annoy me. Which is most of them. I guess I don't really like children.

Just drank an Airborne, orange juice, Red Bull cocktail. WATCH OUT!

Time spent dreading the pantry clean-out: 4 months. Time spent cleaning out the pantry: 30 minutes.

My B&B is double booked this weekend. Hoping to make big tips. (Tips = rifling for cash through guests' pockets while they sleep.)

I like micro-blogging. It's nice have a place to store those micro-thoughts and keep them from gumming up the inner workings of my brain. Now if I could just get into micro-eating...

My Twitter handle is @tiffanywbwg. What's yours?

P.S. Looking for something else to read? I wrote a Mother's Day guest post for Today's Mama. Check it out here!


Kristina P. said...

I don't know what happened, but I didn't love District 9. I thought for sure my husband would drag me to Avatar, but surprisingly, he didn't want to see it. Yay.

And no Twitter for me.

Suzie said...

I follow & love you.

I rarely tweet.
perhaps if mine had magical powers.

I used to tweet a bit more often but realized I was using it as an outlet, expressing negative emotions & swearing like a sailor.
I then went back to using Jeremy and my tweets are few and far between.
But much more pleasant.

Christy said...

I enjoyed reading your tweets & loved your mother's day post.

Shauna said...

Love these. Your awesome humor condensed. I hate when I am hijacked by Tigger. Too funny!

Hil said...

this made me want to reopen my twitter account just so I can follow you and have a laugh throughout the day! you are my favorite.

Jodi said...

totally off the subject . . .

it freaks me out a little bit how much your oldest son looks like your brother! Gene pools are a strange, strange thing.

cute new header.

Ms Fish said...

Love Twitter. love your humor. perfect combo.

Erin O. said...

I love tossing out the random stuff on Twitter. But then I'm struck by the idea that if I ever committed a crime, the local news would post all my margarita related tweets thereby painting me as a drunken maniac. I guess the personal moral I should take away from this is: DON'T COMMIT A CRIME.

MiaKatia said...

My husband is a tech guy. We have these lengthy discussions about early adopters and the price trend of new technology and the usability of social media. And for as much as we talk about technology I should be all over this stuff, but alas I am becoming a late trender in technology. Facebook and Twitter are just passing me by.

I love the channeling of Winnie the Pooh overtaken by the Tigger.

Omgirl said...

I hate it when I forget deoderant. I forgot it on Prom Night. I kept wondering why I could smell pizza during slow dances. (I know, ew!)

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