Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Three Things You Really Need to Know About Me

1. I am a big fan of tween sitcoms and have been for years. My favorite tween shows are iCarly, The Wizards of Waverly Place, and Drake & Josh. If you think it's ridiculous, maybe you're not in touch with your inner tween like I am. I will have you know, however, that I am a distinguished tween show watcher. You will never catch me watching stupid shows like Hannah Montanna or The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. (You know, unless there's nothing else on.)

2. Every January and February, I go through a period of iTunes gluttony, downloading many, many songs. I think it's a subconscious way to battle winter. Ryan does not think this is cute, endearing, or necessary. We heard a song on a movie today and he said sarcastically, "Have you downloaded this song yet?" I said, "No, but I prolly will." It was a good song; I'm glad he pointed it out.

3. If I could have chosen my own talents, I would have been a singer/songwriter because I love the idea of crooning with my guitar in a shabby coffee shop waiting to be discovered. I also like titles with slashes in them. From now on I will refer to myself as a writer/eater.

What about you? What are three things I really need to know about you?


marta said...

dear tiff,
i really need to know what you're listening to. i have itunes cash ready to burn. xo. m

p.s. does tween watching include the ever lame bachelor??

Soul-Fusion said...

hmmm, here are my three things:

1) today a doctor told me to take cod liver oil supplements which made me want to gag because all I could picture was an old British nurse trying to force a spoonful of some nasty medicine down my throat. ugh.
2. I am currently coping with winter by watching an episode of Gilmore Girls dvr'd from ABC family each evening. It makes me want to go live in Stars Hollow.
3. If I could have chosen my own talents, I would also select singer - but I'd go more for the lounge singer. I've been daydreaming about singing lounged atop a piano for close to a couple of decades.

Leslie said...

When I grow up, I want to be like you.

I received your catalog today, and read the whole thing -- I think this means that I miss you!

I am a sleeper/eater.

Miranda said...

1. I also watch iCarly.
2. My daughter is only 2.
3. So I'm watching it by myself.

Kami said...

1. Tiffany posts make me happy.
2. I had strep throat last weekend, and I didn't feel like being the mom.
3. I love the Modern Family! It's my new favorite. You'd love it. Are you watching it? hilarious!

Angie said...

I totally agree with you on iCarly and Hannah Montana. Sponge Bob is funny (does that count as tween?), and I absolutely hated, hated the Rugrats. My nieces and nephews used to watch them. Call me shallow, but I still think that cartoon characters should be cute, and those Rugrats were not!

I've never downloaded even one song in all of my life. I wonder how many people can say that? Actually, probably everyone I work with. They're old.

I think you could be a songwriter, but have no way of knowing if you could learn the guitar and sing. You did do a good job on the Billy Joel song with your brother.

Lindy-Lou said...

Ryan makes a great straight man for your comedic nature. Actually, he's very funny on his own. Your dialogues with him are some of the funniest posts. Also, isn't it time for another office staff meeting?

3 things:

I'm a food network junkie.
I'm a professional procrastinater.
I'm also an email/blog-reading addict. I could partially blame you for that.

Annie said...

i too, like leslie, am and eater/sleeper. sometimes, just as eater. i hate it.

most of time the only inspiration to get me to go to the gym is knowing i can watch HGTV or TLC. we decided not to get any sort of cable, and just get a gym membership. they have all the cable i could ever dream of, and i get to exercise while i watch. sometimes i stay for two hours. which is good because i am really and eater/eater.

i don't crave chocolate. never have, never will. smarties on the other hand....

Christy said...

I like #3. It would be a coffee shop like the one on Friends. I can totally see you doing that. You should totally do that.

Omgirl said...

1) I secretly have a crush on Zack . Or is it Cody?

2) I have never downloaded a song onto my iPod. I won't say where all the songs on my iPod have come from. But it rhymes with Schmusband Schteals Shem.

3) I am an incredibly good driver at very high speeds. I think I should have been a Nascar driver. But I just wasn't born white trash enough.

alex dumas said...

You make me laugh. Just thought you should know.

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