Thursday, September 10, 2009

Immortal Summer Soundtrack Winners!

I don't really know how or why it came to be, but my dearly beloved readers (you know you're dearly beloved, don't you? YOU ARE!), you keep wow-ing me with your excellent taste in music!  Why do I attract such savvy music-ites here on this blog that rarely, if ever, discusses music?

I have listened to and pondered over your Immortal Summer Song Suggestions and finally comprised a mix tape, er CD, to give to the winners, who (by way of random drawing) are...

The Coolest Allen Family

Thanks to everyone who commented!  Winners, please contact me to supply me with your addresses.


Beth Dunn said...

Love that picture xo

Leslie said...

You do great mixes!

Anonymous said...

Gary Coleman says "Hi!"


Kellybee said...

You gotta list the song choices you picked!

katie said...

Wahoo! Thanks!

Miss M said...

I feel slighted and unloved.

I sent you a CD in the spring and I'm still waiting for one in return. *pout*

Mindi said... i too late to be the first non-winner?

that's what i get for not coming for 5 days.

so veddy sowwry. (in my best english accent.)

tiburon said...

Suck! Thanks for confirming that I am indeed a loser.

What songs are going on it?

Did any of my picks make the cut?

Omgirl said...

I am most certainly not the first one to email you. And I'm not even emailing you, I'm commenting you. However, if you happen to have a spare CD lying around after everything is said and done, let me know.

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