Thursday, June 25, 2009

How close are we on that time-travel thingie?

I'm sorry I forgot to mention that I would be out of order for a spell while I attended to a handful of busy matters, including a few days lounging on the beach.  I was hoping you wouldn't notice.

Anyway, I'm back.  Mildly sunburned, sufficiently relaxed, and daydreaming of a beachfront life (would homelessness be so bad at the beach?), I'm back.  

Well, until I leave next week.

But that's all the way next week.  Let's live in the moment, okay?

Actually, let's live in the past.  Specifically, let's live in Tuesday.  Tuesday was marvelous.  I accomplished so much: gazing, blinking, lying on my back, lying on my front, and listening to my iPod.  At the last minute, I managed to squeeze in licking an ice cream cone.  I'm an over-achiever that way.

In fact, over-achieving runs rampant in this household.  Tuesday, Christian dedicated himself to digging a hole, large enough to sit in.  I supervised from my nap.  

Oh please, oh please, oh please let me go back to Tuesday!

And if I can't go back to Tuesday, at least let me have Wednesday.  Wednesday was sunny and picturesque--everything a Wednesday hopes to be.  It was like living in a dream.  Or, maybe that was just the sunscreen smudge on the lens of my camera, making everything appear milky and dreamy.  Either way, Wednesday was like a postcard from dreamland.

Right up until my children turned their weapons on me.  What is it with boys and weapons?

Look at them, they're ready to take me down.  They're ready to attack me with their rubberband gun and B-grade light saber and rob me of every quarter I have.  But, really, who can blame them when there are oodles of cheapy arcade games to play?  I'd rob me too!  

Oh please, oh please, oh please let me go back to Wednesday!  Please?  I'll let you come along!


Kami said...

Rolling over from your front to your back?! That's a lot of work. You have been busy. Sounds like my kind of summer fun. How would it be to live near the ocean? Lucky girl.

This message sent from the line to see Tinkerbelle. :)

Leslie said...

O.k., I'll come along!!

aimee heff said...

Sounds dreamy. I know exactly the feeling you are describing. I really want to come...

Random Info: There is a lotion called Lollia Wish that captures the feelings you are describing in its smell. I am not kidding about it. I don't work for them either. If you could turn your feelings of this post into a smell it would be this lotion. It is brilliant. or some boutiques have it too.

Soul-Fusion said...

I'll go back to Wednesday on one condition - I can have your Wednesday instead of mine.

Kristina P. said...

I wish I had your week.

writer John said...

I love days like this. However, I have created my own nightmare. You see, my beach includes water skiing. And to get the good water before it's gone, I insist on leaving pretty much before dawn. Well, my two middle children ... how do I say this? ... HATE getting up early. So now I have mutiny on my hands anytime I bring up going to the lake. Dang.

Jenny said...

I felt relaxed and refreshed just reading that post.

I missed seeing you at allison's party on sunday. Too bad the country cant shrink just for a day so you could have stopped by.

Tiffany said...

Reason #272 why I love the other Tiffany: this post.

Angie said...

OK, you can go back, but only if I can come along.

Jesse C said...

We'll have to go to the beach next time we visit. Looks so awesome.

Omgirl said...

You have FAR too much fun for my taste over there on the East Coast. Stop it!

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