Thursday, June 25, 2009

Underneath that adorable hair is a shocking collection of sports statistics

This was Christian one year ago, the day he turned 10.  I love this picture.

And here he is a year later, on his eleventh birthday.  To me, he barely looks like the same person.  I think he experienced an Extreme Life Makeover this year.

On his birthday--just as I have every other June 24th since 1998--I wondered how in the world I got so lucky to have him.  He is inherently good, fantastically funny, insatiably curious, unexpectedly kind, carefully cautious, unnervingly bright,  admirably brave, and terrifically nice to be around.

A few months ago, Christian went with Ryan to watch a Giants game on TV at the home of one of Ryan's older, distinguished colleagues.  At one point during the game the colleague wondered aloud where a particular player, Ahmad Bradshaw, had gone to college.

"He went to Marshall." Christian said, without missing a beat.

The older, distinguished colleague--a dedicated Giants fan and student of the game--thought that Christian was cute, but wrong.

After Ryan and Christian left that night, he looked it up and promptly sent the following email:

Hi Christian. You were right--he went to Marshall University.
I'll never doubt you again!!

Larry Cohen
Department of Psychology
University of Delaware

That's kind of how it goes with this kid.  At 10 years-old, he has university professors emailing him to give him props.  

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy.


Soul-Fusion said...

Happy Birthday Christian!!!! So glad we got to share a celebration together over mexican food and ice cream and water ice and . . . I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Now give your parents a nudge on that Yankees game thing because I'm ready when you are :)

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Christian! You are an amazing person all around! So glad you are part of our family!

Voice of Reason said...

Happy birthday Christian. I really miss seeing you and your family get up and leave early from church. Do they have the same 20 minute block in your ward in Pa,?

Kami said...

Happy Birthday Christian! What a difference a year can make, even from 10 to 11. Such a handsome boy.

Dede said...

Happy Birthday Christian! You are amazing. We brag about you...A LOT. We tell everyone we know how bright our cute nephew is and how is will be the younger sportscaster (is that what they are called?) on ESPN.

Angie said...

An email from a professor - that really is cool.

rychelle said...

i love that the professor sent him that email.

happy birthday, christian!

James said...

Christian, happy birthday.

I am disappointed that you have not sent in a Resume' to ESPN yet. We will work on that this weekend.

I think it would be pretty sweet to have you off to the side of the set during Sports Center, sitting at a small desk in a suit. And any time they have a question about a statistic they could pan over to you and you could give them a stat, or correct any mistakes that they had previously reported.

We may have to lie about your age to get by those child labor laws.

Lindy-Lou said...

Don't worry about the age thing. We've been lying about the age of our children for decades, and Tiff's pretty experienced at shoe lifts to add some height. Honestly, Christian, if you were on espn, even I would watch.

katie said...

I'd watch EPSN too! Happy Birthday Christian. Hope it's great!

Kate said...

I remember feeling very old at eleven. I was basically the oldest, wisest person in primary. It was a good year. Christian, I hope you love being eleven as much as I did. Happy Birthday! You and me, we should start our own sports magazine. We'll be the two youngest sports writers in history.:) We'll rock the world someday.

MiaKatia said...

Happy Birthday Christian!!! He is such a handsome boy. Girls love a guy with curls :)

VTS said...

Christian has been and always will the be coolest kid EVER! I miss him. Let the truth be known: Seeing Christian at the WBWG was a total highlight of every month!

Jesse C said...

Christian to ESPN!

wunderbug said...

that's so awesome! a young prodigy in the making. :)

Omgirl said...

wow. That is seriously impressive!

Daily Gnome said...

Nice! And what a wonderful descriptive summary of your birthday boy. Sounds like you're raising a very good person. Amazing how much they can change over just 12 months.

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