Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Day in the Pitts

When you think of Pittsburgh, what comes to mind? Industrial town? Steel mills? Cold, gray, desolation? Depressed, forlorn factory workers who dress in ratty black jumpsuits and chain smoke and complain about "the man"?

Um, that is not Pittsburgh. Why were we thinking that was Pittsburgh? Why am I dragging you into this with all this "we" talk? Because this is my blog.

Pittsburgh is beautiful. Like, really beautiful. It's nestled inside some lush mountains. Or, large speed bumps, as we call them in the West.




We ventured to Pittsburgh to cheer on the Utah Utes. Here are my boys representin'. Please notice in this photo that Pittsburgh has three beautiful rivers that join in it and a plethora of lovely bridges throughout. See the one in the distance? See the one we're standing on? See the cheery yellow stadium in the distance? Bee-yoo-tiful.


We were also representing with our intake of local food. I love local food. We did our homework (a.k.a. hours of Man vs. Food watching) and found these Quaker Steak wings at the stadium. (By the way, is it just me, or does Max look exactly the same as he did when he was three? Yes? I know. So weird.)

We cheered on our team. I also cheered on the sun who was battling the clouds that day. Go Sun! You can do it! Show me the sunny!


We got there a little early and were lucky enough to sit in the visiting team family section. Careful what you criticize when you're sitting in the team family section. Somebody's mama might bop you on the head. (By the way, whenever Ryan is dressed in hat and sunglasses, I think he looks majorly CIA. I, on the other hand, look majorly DORK.)


Our cheering paid off. The Utes won! The team came over to sing the fight song after the win. It was really cool. It was also really cool because the clouds beat out the sun for the weather win. Womp, womp.


Pittsburgh also has beautiful architecture and a nice city center. We did not see the Pittsburgh ghetto of my imagination. I don't think it exists. Everybody we met was really friendly and nobody threatened to kill us with steel beams. Several people even called me "hon," which actually threw me a little off guard. I guess I'm getting used to our proximity to Philly because I was about to say, "Yo, knock it off with the 'hons' if you know what's good for yous." However, since I lived most of my life in Utah, I just smiled and said, "I sure do apprecia'cha!"


Speaking of Man vs. Food, we followed Adam Richman's advice and made a bee-line after the game to Primanti Brothers for their famous sandwiches. There were lots of "hons" flying around that place, but it's not what you think....


It was me saying, "Well, helllooooo, hon," to this sandwich. Let's dissect the layers, shall we? Bread, tomatoes, tomatoes, cole slaw, cole slaw, cole slaw, runny egg, french fries, french fries, cheese, pastrami, and bread. Don't make that face. It was bliss, I tell you. Pure bliss. 


Pittsburgh. It's the land of many wonders. Like, I wonder why I had such totally false ideas of what it would be like. Perhaps the word "pitts" is to blame. Maybe subconsciously the ideas of avocado pits and armpits created the negative connotations?

If I were the mayor of Pittsburgh, I'd start a PR campaign to educate dumb, prejudiced people like me. And the first thing I'd do is change the name officially to Brad Pittsburgh. It's much more appropriate and fitting, don't you think? It brings to mind all sorts of wonderful connotations.

Brad Pittsburgh: The Devastatingly Handsome City

Brad Pittsburgh: We'll Adopt You And Love You Like Our Own

Brad Pittsburgh: We Oughta Be In Movies

Brad Pittsburgh: Angelina Jolie Chose Us, Why Don't You?

Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head, but I think I'm on to something. 

Goodbye, Brad Pittsburgh! I hope to see you again soon!



Anonymous said...

Genius. I love your writing.

Miss M said...

Tiff, you made me laugh out loud with this one. And, YES, max does look the same. How did that happen?

Kim said...

What a fun adventure! Football, sunshine and bizarre sandwiches!

kami @ said...

That sandwich! I need one!

Brad Pittsburgh is gorgeous!! ;)

Christy said...

Love it! I totally think you're on to something!

Lindy-Lou said...

I had no idea it was so beautiful in Pittsburg. It's a little unsettling to see Aunt Connie right in the center of the crowd outside of Primanti's. I understand the spirit world is close, but.....

Lindy-Lou said...

Oops. Pittsburgh! I didn't hear the 'h'.

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