Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Grateful Than Ever for My Mother

  • Egads, let's pretend this much time hasn't passed. 
  • Okay?
  • Okay.
  • I love pretending. 
  • I'm going to pretend that I'm not having a hard time writing these days.
  • I'm also going to pretend that I didn't just get sucked into Kate Plus 8.
  • I have sympathy for Kate.
  • You know, with those 8 and minus that 1.
  • Can't be easy.
  • But the girl gives me anxiety
  • Some or all of the 9 need a Xanax.
  • In fact, I feel like I need one.
  • And yet, I can't stop watching.
  • I should be asleep.
  • I'm in a terrible sleep pattern.
  • The pattern is stay up way too late, and then sleep in late or get up early feeling groggy.
  • If Kate were my mommy, she would scream at me to get to sleep.
  • I want to go to sleep, Kate, but you're scaring me.
  • I mean, bless your heart, but seriously.
  • Wow.
  • Okay, I'm going to bed now.
  • And expecting anxiety-ridden dreams.


Dede said...

That was funny.

Kate said...

I sincerely hope I'm never like that Kate.
I've been following the same sleep pattern. Stay up until 12:30 or 1 am watching Pysch, then sleep until 9 or get up early and hate the world. Something needs to change. That change probably won't happen until I run out of Psych episodes.

Donna said...

I've had that sleep pattern my whole life. It's not the greatest.

And wait, Kate Plus 8? Didn't the entire planet agree that watching that family implode for the sake of entertainment was the lowest point humankind has reached in our entire history? No? It's no wonder you've been having trouble sleeping.

Oh, and you've been missed.

Kelly S. said...

That's the vacation sleep pattern we were in when we came back from Canada. It was pretty hard. The later you sleep in to catch up, the later to stay up the next night. Vicious cycle.

Becky said...

Sorry you're having a hard time sleeping and writing. So glad you are back. :)

Mia said...

I take a nap with the baby every day so I am WIDE awake until 1am and still get up early and then exhausted by nap time... vicious cycle.

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