Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Only a Few Years Left to Qualify for the Kids Menu

Kids. They grow up so fast. It seems like one day they're little...

...and the next day, they're big.

Yesterday Max turned eight entire years old. Yowza! I'm so far removed now from babydom, I can barely remember how to wipe another person's butt!

We had some friends over for cake and ice cream last night to celebrate and played a little party game, featuring true and false statements about Max. He really enjoyed being the star of the show. You can play along if you like.

True or False? Max...

  • Was a fat baby.
  • Once killed a rabid fox with his bare hands.
  • Wants to be a stand up Canadian.
  • Refused to sing the Mother’s Day song at church because he felt it was “creepy.”
  • Took a little extra time to learn to talk.
  • Can collapse his nostrils on demand.
  • Likes his nails trimmed.
  • Is a BIG fan of Oprah.
  • Is into “skate and rap.”
  • Is rumored to have been part of TEAM SIX.
  • Can correctly identify the make and model of most cars over 100K.
  • Can correctly identify most planes and jets.
  • Can begrudgingly identify Justin Beiber.
  • Is a poet.
  • Likes ketchup, but not mustard.
  • Eats tomato ice cream
  • Has decided not to run for president.
  • Coined the phrase, “Shooby Dooby.”
  • Enjoys kneading fleshy upper arms with his fingers.
  • Feels like starting a new life in France.
  • Loves cheeseburgers and long walks on the beach.
  • Is an amazing traveler.
  • Invented several successful wrestling moves, including: Payback Time, Slimey, Friend, and Takedown.
  • Is best friends with a Pakastani muslim.
  • Has a habit of sticking his face in the sand at the beach.
  • Is a heckuva kayaker, cat-sitter, and Pok√©mon trainer.
  • Is unusually strong.
  • Can build aircraft carriers and model homes out of printer paper.
  • Loves the Vampire State Building.
  • Thinks "hobos" are a great punchline to most jokes.
  • Once dated Betty White.
  • Invented a catchy alternative to “Eeny Meeny Miney Mo" called, "Meeny Miney Dead Bunny."
  • Wrote a popular country song titled, “I Got a Little, Little, Little, Little, Little Banjo.”
  • Is the executive producer of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
This morning Max woke up and wished that it could be his birthday again because it was "so awesome." Then he qualified his statement by saying that other people could get presents too, because that wouldn't really be fair. This kid appreciates life to the fullest, with arms wide open, and is always looking on the bright side. He is kind and thoughtful and has a hilariously inappropriate sense of humor. (Genetics!) And no matter how big he continues to get, he'll always be my baby. 


Dede said...

Happy Birthday Max! I love this list. Max is truly one of a kind.

Dede said...

P.S. I mean "one of a kind" in the best, most amazing way!

michele said...

was the mother's day song one true or false? it is kind of creepy!

Soul-Fusion said...

I will never hear that particular mother's day song the same way again . . .

And here are a few of my favorites to add to the list:

-coined the phrase "I very hated that [fill in the blank]"

-gives the most amazing back massages

-has an uncanny ability to locate a certain book in my apartment in under 2 seconds

-sings the best rock and roll style birthday song

-has high standards for who gets labeled a "hot mamma" (will I ever make the cut??)

-quickly jumped on the band wagon of laughing at cancer (sorry for adding to his inappropriate humor!)

Happy Birthday Max!

Becky said...

I'm so glad his birthday was "so awesome"! He has to be the cutest boy (that isn't my own) that I know! Because of Max, my boys now say "shooby dooby LOL" everytime Erik and I kiss. :) Happy Birthday Max!

Kelly B said...

Max sounds like such a great kid with a hilarious sense of humor! I hope you had a great day with him! Jesse is turning 6 tomorrow, and I feel the same way as you...he'll always be my baby!
Happy Birthday Max!

Jesse C said...

Max is the best. Happy Birthday Max!

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

Happy Birthday 8 year old Max! We have something in common! We both love jokes that end with "hobos" and we are both big Oprah fans! YAY!

Miranda said...

I really like it that I feel like I know and love your kids even though I've never met them. I mean, they really seem like my kind of people. And killing a rabid fox with bare hands is totally awesome and could not possibly be false.

Happy Birthday Max!

Mia said...

Happy Birthday Max!!!

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