Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Various Reasons Why I Haven't Been Blogging

  • I've been eating.
  • I've been accidentally falling into a coma at 9:00 every night.
  • I've been working on my novel.
  • I've been avoiding working on my novel.
  • I've been watching the Real Housewives of Anywhere.
  • I've been watching the reunion shows of the Real Housewives of Anywhere.
  • I've been having deep, meaningful conversations with my dog.
  • I've been attending a billion basketball games.
  • I've been doing a lot of push-ups.
  • I've been worrying about people I love.
  • I've been cursing at the weather man and his endless stream of depressing news.
  • I've been not scrubbing my toilets.
  • I've been cuddling up in my Snuggie.
  • I've been walking out to the mailbox.
  • I've been texting.
  • I've been watching the Food Network.
  • I've been eating a lot of sushi.
  • I've been going to Disneyland.
  • I've been inspecting my cuticles.
  • I've been wondering if I like blogging anymore.
  • I've been hanging out with my funny neighbors.
  • I've been considering a new couch. 
  • I've been reading books.
  • I've been contemplating the meaning of life.
  • I've been browsing online marketplaces.
  • I've been looking up the lyrics to rap songs my son wants to download.
  • I've been working some, but not enough.
  • I've been dreaming of going places, warm places.
  • I've been drinking lots of water.
In other words, I've been biz-aaaaay. What have you been up to?


Hannah said...

You HAVE been busy! Blogging should come last, if you ask me.

Yay for Disneyland, sushi and dog-conversations.

alex dumas said...

In other words, you've felt unmotivated. I can relate.

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

I've been
-missing your posts.
-traveling more than I knew I could
-excited to head somewhere warm (it will be a first for me)

ps. Can I be the first on your novels blog tour? :)

aimee said...

I haven't been scrubbing toilets either. :) And wish I was eating more sushi.

Novel! Can't wait.

robin said...

yes to the real housewives.
and yes, you like blogging.

Leslie said...

I've been:

Not writing a novel.
Not scrubbing toilets.
Not having meaningful conversations.
Considering the pros and cons of bulimia (since I already have the binge part down-pat).
Watching Designed to Sell.
Going to Disneyland.
Occasionally doing dishes and laundry.

Christy said...

I've been eating too & having conversations with my dog while contemplating fake eyelashes and now I'm totally going to buy a snuggie.

Becky said...

I've been sitting by my computer waiting for you to write another post. :)

Dan said...

I've been...
changing diapers
wiping green noses
cursing at the cold
baking lots of cookies
cursing at laundry
watching An Idiot Abroad...which is very funny...you should check it out!
I have gone back to my yoga classes which has been the one good for me thing that I have accomplished this winter.
BTW, this is Kelly, not Dan. I will fix my blogspot account sometime in the next century, but just know that Dan is really me. Happy Valentines too!

Miranda said...

I've been missing you! Yay Novel! Yay Sushi! Yay dreaming of warm places. Yay not blogging if you don't feel like it!

Omgirl said...

I'm actually relieved you haven't been blogging as much because I haven't been blogging as much and I HATE it when I get behind on your blog! I hate to miss a single post. So keep inspecting those cuticles, Missy, until my blogging mojo returns. Because it is all about ME, after all.

Ms. Fish said...

I don't like to read blogs that post too much. It's too exhausting. Please keep teasing us with posts now and then. Yours is the one blog I return to again and again. I LOVE your sense. And sense of humor.

Brandy and Coby said...

"I've been wondering if I like blogging anymore."
In regards to this one on the list...don't wonder, I love you to keep blogging!
Brandy (Leslie's Friend)
oh, and in regards to your 3 point of love and the chocolate chip cookie...
How bout, you know it's true love when I eat the whole cookie, never tell him there was one, and if he ever finds out, he STILL loves me!

Anonymous said...

I've been texting in MY snuggie and hanging out with MY funny neighbors, too! What a coincidence!?!


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