Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Came Early

Confession: I bought myself a Christmas gift.
(I almost got it for free, so that's okay, right?)
It is the Clapper.
Actually, it's the Clapper Plus (with a remote control!).
I couldn't wait for Christmas.
(Because I'm a parent now and nobody can tell me what to do.)
Tore it open, right there in the kitchen.
I am beyond excited about it.
Because now I don't have to climb over my living room couch to turn the lamps on.
Go ahead, make fun.
Someday you'll realize,
As I did,
That it's actually a marvelous invention.


Kristina P. said...

Ha! That is awesome! I might need one now.

Sarah said...

Why do you need a remote for a clapper? Isn't that the beauty of the Clapper?

J.J. said...

aaaaaand added to my Christmas list...THANKS!

jennie w. said...

I just want to know how long you've been singing the Clapper theme song to yourself.

Annie said...

i'd like to see a video of you and it in action...would make my christmas merrier.

Kate said...

I think that you should give your blogger friends the Christmas gift of a video of Max and yourself doing an original Clapper commercial. Yes?

Soul-Fusion said...

clap on, clap off . . . the clapper!

kami @ said...

I so need one of those. If only to have a reason to break into jingle every time I use it.

ps. I'm glad you got to see your family for a bit even if it was such a quick trip.

lizzie said...

my dad had one when we were younger. we got it for him so we wouldn't have to turn off his tv for him (no remote...old, old tv). but you know my dad, he would make us come in and clap FOR him. so much for our brilliant gift idea. he thinks he is so funny.

Becky said...

I bought three remote controlled outlet plugs last year (to control all the christmas tree lights and such) and now use them year round for the lamps! It is one of the greatest inventions ever, isn't it?

Ginnie said...

I just wished they made a clapper for changing diapers, doing the dishes, cleaning the house... etc. etc.

Jesse C said...

What? I've wanted a clapper all of my life. I won't make fun, I'll be green with envy.

Kelly S. said...

I want a clapper!! I need one so Alexander can turn on the basement lights from his room (he's in the basement now) but there is no switch by him. He calls me on his cell phone to turn on the lights! How lazy. (the basement is very dark and scary at night, I will give him that)

Mia said...

I had no idea they were still making those ;)

sarah said...

oh i love your blog - this is great.

cheers and merry xmas to you.


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