Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ten Minutes of Random

  • Been a while since I went random on you.
  • I kind of stopped the random thing as soon as I sensed it was trendy.
  • Trendy-ness confounds me.
  • I am equally drawn to it and repelled by it.
  • Like that weird, thick space between two magnets with the same charge.
  • Remember when the movie Titanic came out?
  • That was really trendy.
  • I didn't see it for about three years.
  • Because I'm principled like that.
  • What was I proving and to whom?
  • Dunno.
  • Anyway, here I am, back and spouting random thoughts.
  • Like this one: I had an enormous zit on my lip yesterday.
  • It was Titanic in scope.
  • I tried to ignore it.
  • Ignoring it is recommended by Seventeen magazine.
  • As well as four out of five dentists.
  • I ignored it until 2:00 p.m.
  • Then I performed home surgery on it.
  • My eyes were watering, it hurt so bad.
  • It was like giving birth through a tiny pore on the edge of my lip.
  • I wished for an epidural.
  • Or a lipidural.
  • I also wished for lyposuction.
  • Because you might as well wish for a couple of things at once.
  • Just in case there are some 2-for-1 wishing specials.
  • Wish update: not granted. 
  • None of the above.
  • In other news, I can't get enough of Food Network.
  • Especially this time of year.
  • I've watched approximately 144 Thanksgiving meals prepared in the last two weeks.
  • It fulfills me in a way that is difficult to describe.
  • I'm afraid, though, that when Thanksgiving rolls around, I'll only be in the mood for tacos.
  • But I don't care.
  • I'm going to watch more Food Network.
  • Because I'm risky like that.
  • One last thought.
  • I've been sipping a 5-hour energy drink all day.
  • How does the math work on that?


Kelly Sperber said...
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Kelly Sperber said...

I hear you about being anti-trendy. I refuse to read the books or watch the movies or even acknowledge that Harry Potter or Twillight exist. It's a matter of morals. It could be a problem though when being anti-trendy is trendy. Then I would have to become trendy to be untredy. Hmm...

Becky said...

I so love your random! :)

Soul-Fusion said...

ditto to the Harry Potter and Twilight thing - too trendy for me. I have no interest in knowing anything about it.
Love the magnet description. LOVE!

Hil said...

You are my favorite. Thanks for the laugh!!

Kahler and Katy said...

please, please, please. don't stop the random. trendy, maybe. but your random is unique and so entertaining! :)

Jesse C said...

I still proudly have never seen Titanic. I also wish I had never seen Avatar.

kami @ said...

I've had a was awesome! :)

buddens said...

I want to make your delicious beveridge and can't find the recipe. help!

Mia said...

You don't have tacos at Thanksgiving? Weird. I thought that was just a standard side dish...

Ginnie said...

I love you and your randomness so much right now.

Kelly B said...

You sound like my husband Dan. He will not see or read anything that is so called "trendy". I get sucked into stuff like that.

Hannah said...

Don't stop your random posts. You are my favorite. So funny.

Omgirl said...

I know I've said it before, and I'm REALLY not trying to sound like a suck-up or some kind of creepy internet loser who gloms onto popular internet divas in the hopes that it might rub off (but if it did, you know, I wouldn't entirely mind), but you seriously make me laugh!!!

On to other topics, I luckily saw Titanic on opening night w/o ever hearing all the hype, so I felt OK about loving it and not having had to jump on the bandwagon to do so. Twilight, on the other hand, I punished myself for four years out of principle before finally giving in and reading it and having to admit I was sucked in by it. DAMNIT, I hate that.

sarah said...

i like this.

aren't five hour energy drinks supposed to be taken as a shot?

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