Monday, August 30, 2010

Stuff I won't be doing on September 21st

Mosquitos are biting me tonight to make me feel better about summer ending. The forecast feels bad for me too, promising highs in the mid-nineties all week long. The school district must have been feeling my pain because they cancelled school Friday and Monday. My friend Estelle assures me that summer lasts through September 21st, but we both know that I won't be sitting poolside on September 21st. I'll be sitting deskside. And I'll be signing permission slips and lunch money checks and nagging children to finish up their homework and go to bed.





I won't be doing this on September 21.

Or watching my children frolic in the ocean.

I won't be watching B.B. King in an outdoor concert.

Or standing by as my offspring learns to wield a gun.

I won't be making s'mores in a giant fireplace in the Virginia mountains.

Or standing coquettishly by a gorgeous overlook.

Or following Max's sure-footed steps on a hiking trail.

I won't be hanging out at a fancy blogger party in New York with my girl Kami.

Or waiting patiently at the exit of amusement park rides.

Or snapping blurry photos of amazing moonlit beaches.

Not to mention sunlit beaches and gorgeous colorful cabanas.

I won't be loading my baby (and my baby daddy) onto a parachute and sending them 375 feet into the air.

Or escorting my other baby up into the sky, almost completely against his will.

And I definitely won't be eating at completely bizarro, delicious restaurants that have a glass case of extra special, two-headed taxidermified animals to enjoy while dining.

Well, I guess I could do that on September 21st.

I could definitely do that on September 21st.

It doesn't have to be summer to do that. The animals are stuffed--they're not going anywhere!

That place was crazy, dude. And the crab cakes were almost as life-changing as an Amish donut.

OK, I'm feeling better.

Maybe I will live through fall, winter, and spring after all.


SB said...

great pictures, Tiffany! You really summed up summer....

Christy said...

I know just how you feel & I'm doin some stompin over here myself signing all those school papers.

Wow you had one heck of a summer! It was fun to look through your photos. Love the parachute photos & the beautiful one of you by the overlook.

Tell Estele I said hello! I think of her every time I see my bookmark!

Leslie said...

Wow! You have really great summers! No wonder you're stompin'.

So far, I'm enjoying the new school year. I hope you do too!

Becky said...

Oh man! What a fun summer you guys had! I can see why you don't want it to end. Maybe that's what was wrong with my summer. :) I love all your pictures- Oh, and tell Estele hi for me- I still think of you both on my morning walks!

Heather said...

You're officially forgiven for not providing us with reading material every day this summer. It looks like you had an awesome time!

Feel very fortunate that you don't live in Seattle...we never did get a summer this year...

Lindy-Lou said...

Great photos. How fun was that!

kami @ said...




is right!

I'm not ready for it to be over yet.

ps. I'm so glad you came that night. I wish we had more time.

Miranda said...

You are such a babe Tiffany. Sorry about Summer ending and all...

Jesse C said...

I want your summer.

Omgirl said...

I hear you, Girl. I hear you.

Angie said...

Man, I'm so jealous that people do any of this stuff ever, because I certainly don't. You live in one of the best places in the world.

tiburon said...

Looks like a great summer!

Although I am TOTALLY ready for fall :)

Mia said...

You look just as hot in the black sequins as you do in the plaid. You are gorgeous lady.

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