Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I've Never Been More Serious in My Life

I'm very busy today. 
In fact, I'm so busy, I can't take time to blog. 
Because I am a very busy person with very important work to do. 
Very serious, important work. 
To be completed by very important, serious me.
Again, I cannot stress the importance or seriousness of this situation.
Not to mention the serious importantness.
Are we clear?
I do not have time to blog!
(On account of all the importantly serious work.)
Look me in the eye, so that I know we are clear about this.

You don't believe me?
That's preposterous!

Sometimes the kids meal toy really comes through for me.


Anonymous said...

the 2nd pic of you is really cute, HONESTLY!

Kim said...


Lindy-Lou said...

That's funny.

Soul-Fusion said...

you are seriously funny

kami @ no biggie said...

Could you be any cuter with the kids meal toy?! I think not.

Please do a how to post on How to master the web cam self portrait. We all could learn so much.

Kelli said...

I feel it is important to tell you that you seriously crack me up!

Hannah said...

you are hilarious.

Christy said...

so funny! Sounds like just the mood I'm in this morning!

Leslie said...

So, ... what exactly are you trying to say??

The Coolest Allen Family said...

That second picture is fantastic. You need to print it on canvas and put it above the fireplace.

Rachelle said...

you ARE seriously funny, and important, and busy...haha.

Mia said...

This post may stay forever "marked as unread" so that I can have a good laugh whenever I need it! Thank you, you are seriously funny, and that is the best preposterous expression!

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