Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Complicated Relationship with Redbox

I have a love/hate relationship with Redbox.

I love family entertainment for $1.

I hate remembering to return the DVD before it becomes $2, $3, or $9 entertainment.

I love scrolling through the screens, finding something interesting to watch.

I hate scrolling through the screens, finding nothing but old Nicholas Cage films.

I love it when Redbox thanks me for my patronage with a free rental code.

I hate waiting in line for the Redbox while that guy takes 27 minutes to make a selection.

I hate waiting in line while that lady takes five minutes to get through the first screen. I pull my comfortable shoes out of my purse and make a big, dramatic sigh.

I hate waiting in line to return my DVD while that couple narrows down their selection, cooing and giggling and standing with their hands in each other's back pockets. ("No, you choose." "No, I chose last time. You choose.") Guess what? I'm waiting.

I hate pretending to be on a phone call in the Redbox line in order to avoid small talk. I can only "yeah" and "uh-huh" and "I know" for so long.

I hate having a line form behind me while I'm scrolling through an agonizing list Nicholas Cage titles. I'm hurrying, people!

I hate wondering if Nicholas Cage secretly owns Redbox to promote himself.

I love finding that artsy film in Redbox, the same one I have in my Netflix queue that keeps getting moved down the priority list by Ryan to make room for war movies. (Two can play this game.)

I hate it when I come home with a Redbox movie for the kids only to have them say, "You rented that for us last week."

I hate it when I pull up to my local outdoor Redbox at the same time as another car. I feel so silly when I sprint from the car and clip them from behind to beat them to the kiosk.

I love it when the box swallows up my returning DVD on the first and not the fifth try.

I love how Redbox has the occasional classic movie for rent. Like the original Karate Kid. ("FINISH HIM!")

I hate it how Wal-Mart has their Redboxes painted blue. Seems like kind of a North Korea thing to do.

I hate it when I almost stick a Redbox movie into the big blue mailbox at the post office.

I love it when I finally figure out the right direction to swipe my credit card. I feel like such a winner.

I hate it when I have to choose between two good movies, like The Wizards of Waverly Place and Gnomes and Trolls.

Do you have a complicated relationship with Redbox?


Soul-Fusion said...

as you know, I am old fashioned and choose to stick with netflix. Probably because I have total control over the queue.

Kim said...

I broke up with RedBox. It got too complicated & expensive and have found a new lover, Netflix. Sounds like you are a two-timer.

Tauna said...

We love Netflix. So easy. We just watch it on our TV with the Wii. You can't survive a Minnesota Winter without it. :)

Hil said...

I haven't started a relationship with Redbox for all of the reasons you listed above. We love Netflix. Not only do you get a great selection, but you can also have some movies instantly on your t.v.! Which means no walks to the mailbox. The epitome of a couch potato. YESSSS.

p.s. I have the same issue with the walmart "redboxes". What's up with that? Once again, I think Walmart is taking over the world.

Kelly S. said...

I love/hate redbox. I love being able to reserve a movie online (you can search for titles and they will tell you where the closest one is, it is the only way to go I tell you). But then I hate waiting for people who are choosing right there at the redbox. I always say (smugly I might add), hey, did you know you can pick out the movie online and reserve it? Of course they always say no, we had no idea. And then I say no kidding. I love being able to swipe my card and the redbox just spits out my movie, all ready PRE-selected. Then the people behind me always say, hey that was fast how did you do that? And then I tell them how they can reserve online, smugly I might add.

Leca said...

I hate the new 28 day rule. I also hate trying to beat out everyone for a new movie release. Believe it or not we don't have any other movie rental place within 20 miles of us. Ugh. Me and Redbox are stuck with each other for a long long time.

Becky said...

I will just say ditto to this whole post! I feel the exact same way! But as usual, you said it much better. :)

kami @ no biggie said...

LOL! What is up with old Nicholas Cage movies?! Yuck! Don't people know that he has no bottom teeth? He's sooo overrated, and I'm sooo not a fan. Lately I can't stay awake during movies, and it drives me nuts. I really want Netflix, but Kyle doesn't. I do have a relationship with Redbox (or Blue Box if you're at 'The Walmarts'), and I want to break up, and ditch him for Mr. Net Flix.

DeAnn said...

I love the Red Box. Our Red Boxes are still Red in Utah. I do hate when there are two kiosks next to each other in the walmart and the parent is at one kiosk and a little kid is at the other one just flipping through the screens. I've been considering netflix and after reading all the comments I think it may be worth the "free trial". Why would you need redbox IF you have netflix? Just wondering . . .

Angie said...

"Guess what? I'm waiting." Hilarious!

I honestly have never used a redbox. Maybe I really am one of those people who still thinks it's 1988.

Andria said...

My problem with redbox is getting the movie and then never watching it, even a week later. I don't love spending $7 to rent a movie I don't watch.

I should just stick to my netflix.

Jesse C said...

Totally. Then, we ditched Redbox for Netflix. I always know I've been queing up too many WWII dramas when Natalie comes home with a Redbox movie entitled "Something He Something She (another generic romantic comedy)"

Omgirl said...

I never rent from Red Box for all the reasons you just listed. PLUS the fact that I always enter my PIN instead of my zip code and then the whole world behind me has just seen my PIN. I'm so dumb.

MiaKatia said...

I must be in 1988 with Angie. I've never used a Redbox either... and we don't have Netflix. Uh is there something wrong with us?

Kiersten said...

Visiting from No Biggie... and this post made me snort/laugh out loud. I so relate. :~)

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