Friday, May 28, 2010

Love for Millie

My brother Jesse, the musician, wrote a beautiful song for some friends of his whose little daughter, Millie, is battling leukemia.

Jesse wrote about the song on his blog. He said, "I had been wanting to do something special for their family, and had toyed with the idea of recording a song for her. I tried to think of the message I would want [my daughter] to hear if she were in the same situation."

You should listen to the song here, and then you should send up some happy thoughts and prayers for Millie. Then you should hug your kids.


Close your eyes, think of what you'll be
And everywhere you'll go and what you'll see.
A cowgirl on the range, or an astronaut in space,
Or a mommy with a babe, or all of these.

Millie Millie no matter what you do
We'll be right by your side
To share it all with you.
Millie Millie look around you'll see
Nothing but faith and hope from friends and family.
You're gonna fight fight fight 'till the sun goes down
Fight fight fight for the whole year round
You're gone smile and hope and believe.

What is red if we have no green?
The blue without the orange means nothing.
The shadows violet haze
Cast from the burning golden rays.
How can you pick a favorite one
From all you've seen?

Millie Millie you'll always have a friend
Someone to pick you up and dust you off again.
Millie Millie look around you'll see
Nothing but faith and hope from friends and family.


Tilt your head, look up to the sky
And in the starry night you'll see a satellite.
And you can touch it with your eyes,
And you can wish inside your heart,
And it will be your shooting star every night.


Becky said...

Amazing. I love it. What a neat gift he has given to a sweet little girl. Thanks for the reminder about what's most important.

Angie said...

I'm a little afraid to listen to this right now because I've got pms and will cry like a baby, but I will listen to it eventually, I promise. What a beautiful thing for your brother to do. And I will mention Millie in my prayers.

tiburon said...

What a sweet song and a nice tribute.
Plus, I am a fan of anything about a Millie (since I have one myself...)


Anonymous said...

Wow. This left me more than a little bit verclempt. Those lyrics! Wow.

MiaKatia said...

What a sweet guy your brother Jesse is. I love it. My heart is a little wobbly right now, happy and sad all at the same time. Prayers for you miss Millie.

Vanessa said...

How very special!!! Your brother is very talented and sweet!

Omgirl said...

Such a poignant song. A friend's daughter (age 14) was just diagnosed with an extremely rare bone cancer. This made me think of her and how heartbreaking it must be.

Christy said...


Sarah said...

So sweet. What a talented brother.

Rachelle said...

what a neat brother you have! loved the song. i'm sure i'll be humming it all day and sending lots of prayers up for millie. ♥

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