Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Let's Get Ready to Rrrrrrrrandom!

  • I can't explain it, but I think one of my toes has grown longer.
  • Suddenly, my walking shoe feels too tight.
  • But only on one toe.
  • Can this happen?
  • Last night I dreamt about blogging, all night long.
  • I have never done that before.
  • It was kind of stressful, and I don't even have a blog post to show for it.
  • In other news, my fingers are all still the same size.
  • (Slow news day.)
  • Don't you think it's funny when you're watching the news and they report on something really meaningless and random?
  • I always say, "Slow news day."
  • Because I find great pleasure in pointing out the obvious.
  • There's something kind of comforting about a slow news day.
  • Robbers, murderers, rapists, and politicians are all laying low, at least for a day.
  • And in their place, we watch coverage of the senior citizen Scrabble festival.
  • Speaking of senior citizens, I have a confession to make.
  • A large percentage of my friends are......older.
  • Not senior citizens, per se (though there are a few), but older than me.
  • By 10, 15, 20, 30 years.
  • Several of my friends could be my mother.
  • What can I say? I like old people.
  • They drive slow and appreciate buffets.
  • Just kidding! My older friends are very cool.
  • Much cooler than I.
  • That's why they have their thermostats turned up so high.
  • Just kidding! That's not even true!
  • Sorry. The senior citizen jokes are just spilling out.
  • Sometimes I wonder what my older friends think of me.
  • Do they think it's odd that I want to be friends with them?
  • It probably is.
  • There's probably a deep psychological meaning behind it.
  • My mom says I have an old soul.
  • I think my soul is in my knee, because it is always aching.
  • It is creaky and poppy and can't stop talking about the "good old days."
  • And it always seems to sprout a few stray hairs.
  • Even though I take a full 12 seconds to shave it.
  • But guess what?
  • It's my favorite knee.
  • And I think that explains everything.
  • Are you confused yet?
  • I am.
  • (Slow news day.)


Becky said...

I do love your random! And your mom is so right, you do have an old soul. I'm just old. But not quite old enough to be counted as one of your 'old' friends. Right? :)

Soul-Fusion said...

knees and ankles are the worst to shave. And welcome to my knees - my left one never had any good old days to remember.

Jesse C said...

I like old people too.

Kristina P. said...

I have a lot of older friends too. Fist pump!

Annie said...

it's kinda like when you drive past a restaurant that says 'now hiring servers'. we always say, 'slow service at the _______.'

tiburon said...

I totally understand because Ethan is an old soul...
And I guess I might be too - cause a good chunk of my friends are older than me as well.

MUCH MUCH older.

Kami said...

I love a slow news day too, so does my Dad. He thinks of it the same way you do.

Will you go to Chuck-a-rama with me? Kyle never will. We can go early, say 4:30? ;)

Suzie said...

I think it's the easy way you are about yourself. It invites maturity, calm & wrinkles.

I want you to know I bought reading glasses the other day. Over the counter. They are so cute, I think you would love them on my, my friend!

*Abby* said...

Awesome! I love it all!

Leslie said...

I have the aches and pains of an 80 year old. The body of a 36 year old, and the maturity of a 16 year old. Where does that leave me in your friendship equation?

Travelin'Oma said...

I dream about blogging a lot. Occasionally I wake up find that I'm actually blogging. That's the downside of the late-night post. I love your list!

Rachelle said...

i love your random lists. they always make me giggle. you have such a way with words and writing! love, love, love it!

Angie said...

Your maturity is what connects you with older people. I remember when you were 20 - you didn't seem 20.

I like older people, too. Even when I was a teen I didn't feel like I related to teens. If I ever have a kid, he/she will have to live her teen years with someone else. I'm no good at teen years.

MiaKatia said...

My mom had a special love for buffets. She passed it on to me! I love old people. I really whould write about my mall walker buddy some day.

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