Saturday, February 6, 2010

Three Things About Me In Six Words (Each)

1. I don't enforce bedtime on weekends.

2. I unapologetically enjoy a McDonald's hamburger.

3. Church cancelled feels like lottery won.

Will you tell me about yourself in six words?


Kami said...

Filet O' Fish could be lunch, daily. (6 words)

aimee said...

McDonald's Hamburger with ketcup-tastes-like-home-to-me.

There is no shame, my friend. No shame. And since I can't keep it under six words just read here:

Hil said...

is there a cookie-doughaholics anonymous? (6 words)

MiaKatia said...

I stick Q-Tips in my ears.

Oreos make me happy any time.

Laughing feels better than crying, usually.

The List Writer said...

I relish being alone. Always will.

Reading and writing stir my soul.

jennie w. said...

!. Playdoh crumbs drive me insane.

2. Not as badly as kids' socks.

3. I love a good chicken Gyro.

4. I crack up when someone says "jye-roh"

5. I have no cast-iron cookware

6. I'm sort of embarrassed about that.

Anonymous said...

I have a husband named VAL!

Not watching Super Bowl just yet!

Brown eyed ShaLayne is seventeen today!

I go for Mcdonalds BIG MACS! (special sauce yummy)

I have some cast iron cookware!

I have never ever used it!

I am also embarrassed about that!

I will be FORTY this year!

Trying to enjoy life's wonderful moments!

heidi b

Anonymous said...

2 more, just to be obnoxious!

XOXO Ryan, Tiffany, Christian, and Max!

Daphnie and Agatha Anne love Lucy!

You Know Who!

Brittany said...

portray myself tougher than i am

guy's girl who still loves makeup

i'm in awe of my children

i once argued with someone close to me who was ill over something stupid. i thought she might not make it. i was too far away to be with her. later, i wondered if i'd argued with her as a way of showing how intense my concern and emotions were. she ended up being fine. Though i've thought about that drama i caused, i never felt regret about it. we're still close and we've never discussed it.
(yes, many more than six words- but how would you condense that?) Writing that felt like a PostSecret or confession. ;) i had to get it off my chest thank you very much.

Brittany said...


crave diet mountain dew.

stomach surgery; can't drink carbonation.

blend the carbonation out with beaters ;)

Omgirl said...

I was about to comment on my love of McDonalds Hamburgers, but then I thought,


How the heck did you get that to happen??? And can your bishop talk to my bishop??????!

Travelin'Oma said...

Midnight blogging wakes my sleepy brain.

Kari said...

I stay up way too late.

I love taking long, hot showers.

Eating good food makes me happy.

Running keeps me fit and sane.

Getting motivated to run is hard.

Jesse C said...

I like my funny sister.

Christy said...

Weekend plus cookie dough equals heaven.

Keith said...

Stake Conference means Sunday off! Yes!! (I had to add "Yes!!" to get to 6 words, but isn't the number 6 satanic?)

Ximena said...

as I've gotten older I tend to worry toooo much....(well 10 words instead of 6 LOL )

Jodi said...

Peacefully confident in my limited knowledge.

lizzie said...

i'm too old to be pregnant.

6 weeks longer and i'm not.

want my epideral and morphine now!

Annie said...

Sometimes I dream about pencil skirts.

Voice of Reason said...

I hate the National Basketball Association.

I like wearing normal sized clothing.

Life gets better every passing day.

Mindi said...

i'm obsessive about wiping kitchen counters.

quarter pounders with cheese freaking RULES.

any old concert is a good concert.

i want to read tiffany's novel.

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