Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Still Blogging After All These Years: Confessions of a Four-Year Blogger

Today my blog is four years old. It doesn't seem real that I have been at this for so long, although in some ways it seems even longer. Perhaps that is because I'm calculating this in Human Years as opposed to Blog Years. In Blog Years, I am 118 years old.

In honor of this anniversary, here is a list of my top 40 blogging confessions:
  1. I still like to blog. I get in a slump every now and then and wonder if there is a purpose to this; but like a cheesy love ballad, I always come back.
  2. Blogging has made me a better writer, giving me a forum to practice every day.
  3. After four years, I still have no ability to predict which posts will get a lot of response.
  4. I think blogging is a great way to meet interesting people you wouldn't otherwise meet.
  5. When somebody new comments on my blog, I always follow the link to their blog. 
  6. A lot of my blogging friendships began in the comments section. 
  7. I absolutely consider some of my blog friends (even ones I haven't met in person) real friends.
  8. However, I still have some blog shame about this hobby and rarely mention my blog to anybody in real life. 
  9. Relatedly, I have only recently become comfortable using the phrase, "I read on somebody's blog..."
  10. I still love comments, but I'm not obsessed with them anymore.
  11. I have received only one mean comment from somebody who accused me of "extremely juvenile writing."
  12. (I responded by throwing myself on the ground and screaming, "Nu-uh, you big dummy meanie-head!")
  13. I frequently have to scale back the amount of blogs in my Google Reader. I call it blog dieting.
  14. Blogging as a medium fascinates me and confirms my belief that anybody can write and that most people want to.
  15. I'm not sure I agree with the theory that all blogs must be defined and fall into a category. I'll be mulling this one over for a while.
  16. Right now, I'm slightly obsessed with cooking blogs. 
  17. I like blogs with pictures of the author. I like to see the real person behind the blog, which is probably why I post pictures of myself.
  18. I sold my first spot of advertising on my blog a few months ago after being approached about it, and I don't even feel like a sell out.
  19. For the record, I will definitely accept money to blog.
  20. Can you find the ad? It's kind of hard to spot, like Waldo in his snowcap and thick glasses.
  21. I don't plot out what I'm going to blog about. Ever.
  22. I stand at Blogging's Door and wait for something to drift into my brain before I step inside.
  23. I envy those who can plan out their posts.
  24. Only a handful of times have I began a post, saved it as a draft, and finished it later. It's now or never, baby.
  25. Most of my loved ones read my blog, and that makes me feel happy inside, like they care about what I'm thinking and are interested in knowing me better.
  26. In the same spirit, I love reading the blogs of my loved ones. So many treasures that would never occur in conversation can be revealed on a blog.
  27. I check Google Analytics fairly regularly to see who is reading and who is referring.
  28. I stopped listing a blogroll quite a while ago, simply because I read too many blogs, some of which are private, and I was horrible at updating it (and consequently offending people). 
  29. Every morning I read blogs for a few minutes until I need to make breakfast.
  30. Anytime I have a spare minute, you'll find me browsing a blog.
  31. For the longest time, I felt obligated to read every word a blogger wrote in a post.
  32. I no longer feel this obligation, particularly if I don't know the blogger personally. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MONUMENTAL THIS WAS FOR ME TO REALIZE.
  33. I also comment less than I ever have, which has made me enjoy blogging more. It is recreation, not obligation.  
  34. I used to feel an obligation to post every (week)day. I don't feel that obligation anymore.
  35. I used to secretly dream of being a famous blogger. I don't have that dream anymore.
  36. Every now and then, I go into my archives to see what I was doing on the same day a year ago, two years ago, three years ago. This is the best I've ever done at keeping a personal history.
  37. Though it pains me to admit, I think I'm funnier on my blog than I am in real life.
  38. I'm also thinner and more attractive on my blog than in real life.
  39. My blog has only been the star of one major marital fight (major=yelling and tears) and a supporting actress in a few lesser arguments. 
  40. After a comment my brother made to me last year, I have decided to give up feeling apologetic about time I spend creating, writing, and blogging. I used to feel that it was self-indulgent, I guess. But blogging is a way for me to know myself better, to practice my craft, to stand at the microphone and take all the time I want. And I love that about it. No more apologies.
Do you have any blogging confessions to share? 


Kristina P. said...

I relate to so many of these things!

People ask me a lot if I receive a lot of angry or nasty emails or comments. And honestly, no. I think the last somewhat negative comment I got was about a year ago. I really need to up my offensiveness level.

Soul-Fusion said...

Wow, four years goes by very fast! Blogging is a crazy medium. I think #35 is why I hate being a (temporary) private blogger ;)

Jesse C said...

Love it.

Heather said...

I've read all four years in the last few months and I feel like a stalker, but your blog is a bright spot in my day! Happy blogiversary, and please keep them coming!

Christy said...

I liked #3. I'm going to stop trying to figure that out.

I also liked #10. Gives me hope that someday I won't be totally addicted to comments.

and #18, that is soooo cool!

My confession: I think I'm actually closer to my blogging friends than my real life friends. Is that weird?

Kari said...

I loved this post. I am still in the phase of feeling like blogging is self indulgent. I was happy to read that you felt that way but don't anymore. Maybe someday...

jennie w. said...

I totally agree with your list except for the part about liking comments from my family. I hate that! I wish they wouldn't read my blog so I could say lots of snotty things about them. Especially my husband. Isn't that so awful?

jennie w. said...

re: #37. I'm funnier in real life. I don't think my humor actually comes across well on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog that I write. I have a mental blog though where I explain the events of the day or funny things that happen to me to a fictitious person who is extremely interested in my life. Like my cat chewing through the cardboard carrier that we were taking him to the vet in and running back and forth on the dash of my car meowing while I dropped six kids off at school. That was a good mental blog.

Kelly S. said...

Oh, that was me who accidentally marked anonymous. Whoops...

Becky said...

Happy Blog Birthday! I'm so glad you are still blogging after all this time. As for number 13- I really need to do that! Keeping up with all the blogs I follow is slowly killing me. I close my eyes every time I log into Reader because I'm afraid to see how many new posts are screaming at me to read them!

Meg said...

I love your blog - mostly because I relate to most of what you write and you make me laugh. Your blog is one that I get excited to see that you've posted something new. And sometimes I do feel a little like a stalker because I don't know you :) but I think you're a great writer and I enjoy reading your stuff. Keep it up!

Jodi said...

Because I have approximately two people that comment on my posts I feel safe in my writing, like only my mom and neighbor are going to be reading it. It freaks me out when people comment on it in the real word. I clam up, like maybe they'll think they have the wrong person.

Blogging is a strange, strange animal. I'm still conflicted.

tiburon said...

First - You are hot.

And B - Totally agree with you on 32. And totally disagree with you on 37. I am WAAAY funnier in real life.

Here is to four more years!

Thanks for adding the button too - my little man appreciates it.

Aimee said...

Long-time lurker here...
Your blogging confessions list is a revelation! I say ditto to so many of the items on your list.
Keep up the great work!

alex dumas said...

What I love about your blog is that you are unafraid to share what you are with the internet world. You freely share your confessions and all the things about you that you want people to know, whether they really care to know or not. Makes me wonder if you're that way in real life. And since I've commented before and you've gone to my blog, you'll know why I say that. Now I feel like I should send you a picture. ;)

Ali said...

Love your list. And your honesty. Nearly 4 years for me too now, but I'm still embarrassed to admit the existence of my blog to friends in real life.

Lindy-Lou said...

So happy about #25. We of course are your biggest fans. #37: the only reason you think you are funnier here than in real life is that in real life, you are the best audience ever. Real life is where you get your material. Here is where you express it with grace and humor.

Kellybee said...

My blog confession is that I wish I was better at writing about random subjects. I blog mostly about my family, and I would love to try and branch out a bit.

summer said...

can i just have your confessions? amen to all of them. how do you do that? everything that was buried in my head about blogging is right here in this post! you amaze.

happy blog birthday, tiffany!

ps. cute hair, as always.

MiaKatia said...

I love the comments left by your family, they are such a supportive bunch. I comment much less than I did a year ago and I enjoy blogging much more. Blogging has inspired me to be a little bit braver with things I love but have been afraid to try. I really like some of the people I only know in the blog world and would love to meet them irl, I'm quite certain we would get along smashingly... because in person you can see all my crazy expressions I make when I am laughing at your jokes.

Happy Blogiversary!

Artax said...

Happy birthday! I am glad I found your blog about 2 years ago? Maybe not that long. But about 98 blog years ago, though. I agree with many of your confessions. In a glass half empty kind of way, I turn around #25. My mom won't read my blog no matter how many times I suggest it. Makes me feel sad inside. :-( Or it used to. Lately I've been pretending no one reads my blog except Bob.

Kami said...

Four whole years?! Wow... you are like a blog legend.

This post to me is like your "My Journey through blogger rehab" one of my favorites.

I agree with everything you confessed to. I wish I was less on a schedule because then it would be more me and less "Days O The Week". soon I'll run out...we'll see.

Good for you on #19... I say why the heck not. #17 is a good one, and I concur.

ps. Happy Birthday Tomorrow!

Annie said...

i envy people like you that DON'T plan out everything they are going to blog about. i need to get past the 'i sound so stupid' and just write to write. until then, i'll just admire you.

aimee said...

I totally believe that you are my friend even though we haven't met. Creepy, I know but I am attached. I think we would make great in-person friends too.

I am so happy you are out there in the world. Truly, I have too many blogs I've subscribed to (I often try to unsubscribe) but I usually save my favorites for the end as a little treat to myself for all the hard work of looking through the other blogs. Yours is always in the final few because I love your words so much.

Can't wait for the book! I know it is going to knock my socks off. (No pressure though).

Miranda said...

Well this is just a fantastic list! Four years! Congratulations. So many of these things had me saying "yep" and then "whew" to know I'm not the only one. I knew I would like your blog (and you!) from the first post I read.

Leca said...

I still feel guilty for blogging. It is the only thing that is truely mine. I have four kids ages 5-9 (no twins). I sent the youngest off to kindergarten this year and I have lots more time to myself. That's where the guilt comes in for me. It's been a long time since I've had some me time. Blogging makes me feel like myself again.

It's good to know that someone else has had the same thoughts that I've had.

Janelle said...

I found your blog through a link on my sister-in-law's (Emily) blog. I keep lurking because I think you are hilarious :)

Anonymous said...

You read my heart! I've entertained every one of these confessions except one or two. I haven't been able to read or post blogs quite as often lately, and I've felt something missing from days. I'm a new fan - courtesy of an Ann Cannon reference - and I keep coming back for more Tiffany. Have a great day!

You Are My Fave said...

Happy four years! I am so much cooler on my blog than in real life.

The Coolest Allen Family said...

You are absolutely as funny in real life as you are on your blog. I can totally hear your voice as I read it. I miss those fun DB day's....well not really. I just miss laughing with you and Tauna.

Travelin'Oma said...

This is a great list. I always wish I had a book of blog rules or etiquette or just a list of what other people think. THIS IS IT!! Thanks!

Omgirl said...

Well, I still dream of being a famous blogger and having a million comments. But I've only been blogging 2 years, so maybe reality will set in sometime next year.

p.s. I do pre-write/plan out blog posts. All the time. I've even had a dream where I wrote out my blog post IN MY DREAM about that dream. Now that is sad.

Mindi said...

oh, tiffany.

could i love you any more? i thought not, until i read this post.

i am with you on SO many of these.

and doesn't EVERYBODY who starts a blog think that they are going to make money and have approx 1.27 million google reader subscribers?

i have said, more than once, that i would TOTALLY sell out for cash. there is no shame in that. we spend time lovingly crafting our blogs--why not make a little moolah???

(going to find that ad now!)

happy blogiversary!!! i love that photo of you--beautiful.

xoxo mindi

marta said...

you always say what is on all of our minds. which is what a great writer does. i've been wanting to take time to read this post since you posted and my true confession is i minimize windows of blogs i need to read.. and wait and wait until i finally have the time to read them. like really read them. this one was worth the wait.

and yes, i'm right there with you on the marital strife and drama queen for the defense of blogging. we need a whole conference on that subject.

and hey i completely think YOU are a super hero famous blogger. really truly.

Kayla said...

I am totally on board with your comment about not mentioning your blog to people. I haven't really told anyone about mine, except my hunny.

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