Monday, August 10, 2009

Immortal Summer Soundtrack

Question for you: What is/are the song(s) that mean summer to you?  

I want to immortalize summer and since strutting around in a string bikini all year long is NOT an option (nor good for my children's development and eyesight) I thought I'd download some tunes and make a mix tape.

Leave me your favorite song idea(s) in a comment and you'll be entered to win a copy of said mix tape.  (Or CD if you're in to that newfangled technology.)  I'll give away three.

(P.S.  I like to write in parentheses.)


Robin said...

James Taylor!! Up on the Roof and Copperline.

Counting Crows- Mrs. Potter's Lullaby.

Really Wild West Mama said...

How bout Mocking Bird Hill (by Patti Page....circa 1950's)? Rhonda and I loved to hear our dad sing and play it on his guitar when we were little. It's definitely a spring-summer song!

Soul-Fusion said...

Golden, Jill Scott
Wildflowers, Tom Petty
Float On, Modest Mouse
Tropicalia, Beck
Wild World, Cat Stevens

To name a few . . . would love a new mix from you though :)

Mindi said...

do i only comment if i have cool, 'indie-type' suggestions? because i FAIL if that's the case. hopefully you want a mix of all types, so i'll fill your bubblegum slot--

to me, summer songs are fun and upbeat and make you want to dance.

this summer my girls have LOVED:

i gotta feeling black eyed peas
don't stop believin' glee sndtrck
that's not my name & shut up and let me go the ting tings

i've liked magnificent u2

Tiffany said...

(Don't laugh)
Songs that remind me of summer when I was a teenager (and pre-teen)....Tiffany. All the songs by Tiffany. Especially "I Saw Him Standing There".....(Don't laugh)

The Coolest Allen Family said...

I should be embarrassed by these but sadly I am not.

Roam by B-52's Really anything by them is always fun.
Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice (duh)
I like Big Butts - Sir Mix-Alot
Anything by Billy Joel Which I know you love too

The first 3 remind me of hangin out with my best friend in High School.

Ok now I am starting to feel embarrassed!

Kami said...

summer songs to me have to get me dancing.

Disturbia by Rhianna has been my summer theme song.

marta said...

this household loves the song Heartbreaker by Mariah Carey and Jay Z circa 1999.

and for good measure;
dixie chicks, jack johnson, 10,000 maniacs, dave matthews, and the indigo girls.

Anonymous said...

k - The first 3 that come to mind range from middle school to last summer!

1. "Magic" by the Cars. Not a summer without this one! Hello,it opens with the words SUMMER!

2. "Soak Up the Sun" by Sheryl Crow. One of my favorite quotes is in this song...It's not getting what you want, it's wanting what you've got! And soaking up the sun, what could be better?

3. Don't laugh! "Summertime" by New Kids on the Block. (2008) Makes me want to flirt with my Honey! Going for a ride in the jeep to get a Snoasis, listening tho this song makes my summer!

Hope you are having the Best Summer!

Kim said...

We played a bit of John Denver on our trip to the beach. I also like "Love Shack" by the B-52s. I love any ABBA song & we always had The Moody Blues playing when we were little.

katie said...

I just know you'll love my recommendations.....

Forevermore - katie herzig

Some Kind of Wonderful - joss stone

Halo - beyonce

All I Want to Do - sugarland. Pretty much anything by sugarland is my favorite right now.

Jitterbug - Wham!

Cold Beverage - g. love

Sweet Caroline - neil diamond

Capri - Colbie Caillat

Without Love - hairspray soundtrack. The whole thing is one of our favorites around here. Oh....tracy turnblad.

Miss M said...

Red Cape by Priscilla Ahn

(Tiff, I'll send you a cassette if you send me your new mix.)

MiaKatia said...

Dang it, my comment didn't save. Ugh

Katie, right on with G.Love and Cold Beverage!!!

About half of Will Smith's songs.

27 Jennifer's by Mike Doughty

The song about spare some change for gas and got to get our of here something...

Ants Marching by DMB

The summer list is way harder than the love songs list.

KimmyGoat said...

Summertime by Will Smith (or was he still the Fresh Prince at that time?) and Kid Rock's All Summer Long (not exactly family friendly but it's CATCHY).

Annie said...

funny how katie is the only one who has mentioned any country music...we have very similar tastes...must be in the blood.

summertime-kenny chesney
chicken fried-zac brown band
she is love-parachute
girls just want to have fun-cyndi lauper
summer love-justin timberlake

(and i think you in a string bikini is just fine!)

Jesse C said...

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding.

Island in the Sun - Weezer

Summertime - Sublime (probably some questionable lyrics at some point, I can't remember for sure)

Kate said...

I sing "You Are My Sunshine" in the shower every morning all summer.

The Mumaw's said...

Carolina in my Mind... James Taylor
Amy Mumaw

Lindy-Lou said...

Bermuda, Bahama, Come on pretty mama, Key Largo, Montigo, Baby why don't we go........

The Mumaw's said...

Just thought of a great one ! Summer Nights by Rascal Flatts

ronnie said...

NATURALLY..Help Me Rhonda..what more can i say?

Anonymous said...

Showing my age and nationality!:

Long Hot summer by the Style Council

No Blue Skies : Lloyd Cole

One day like this : Elbow

Only Living Boy in New York: Simon and Garfunkel


Kellybee said...

Bob Marley archives is a great summer is Legend. The B-52's remind me of summer. Neil Diamonds, "Sweet Caroline" is a great tune to teach your kids to belt out in the car. Justin Timberlake has the best summer-poolside songs, such as, "Sexy Back" and "I can't wait to fall in love with you", "My love", "Senorita"...Oh just go buy all of his albums and play them by the pool. You'll have everyone dancing in no time.

jani vegas said...

I really love "I can't help falling in love with you" from the Some Kind of Wonderful soundtrack. Also, I love "Just the Way You Are" by Mr. William Joel :)

hannah said...

jason mraz is my favorite summer singer.

L said...

Now how could those of us who graduated high school in the 80's survive summer without something by Jimmy Buffet (nothing screams vernal equinox like "blew out my flip flop" or "cheeseburgers in paradise")? Or the everpresent and rehab free beach boys singing "good vibrations" or "little surfer girl".
If you'd like to regress to something a bit raunchier why not "Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight" by the not so rehab free KC and the sunshine band.
As I reread this painfully long comment another song struck me with 80's summertime nostaligia: "Electric Avenue" I believe by Eddie Grant (rehab status unknown). (I too, heart parenthesis).
Lisa H

Shua said...

Sunny Days-Jars of Clay
Burning In The Sun-Blue Merle
Come Sail Away-Styx
Don't Stop Believin'-Journey

Becky said...

I used to be a huge country music fan- not so much anymore- but whenever I hear Summertime by Kenny Chesney, it's instantly summer for me, no matter what time of the year it is. This summer, Sonnet's, You're So Good For Me,(the song on the Lagoon commercials) has been my theme song. Such a catchy tune!

Omgirl said...

I made a fantastic summer mix CD a couple of years ago and then I LOST IT. I do remember that it had Cruel Summer on it (Bananarama) and Soak up the Sun (Sheryl Crow) and Mad About YOu (Belinda Carlisle) since it was big the summer before 7th grade when I was madly in love with Ken McGraw. It brings back memories of good times.

Christy said...

Summer songs... mmmm, I don't think I even have any. I so need to get some new music!

Dede said...

OK, I'm way late on this one, but here are a few we've been enjoying and I'm a little embarrsed on a few.

*You don't know me-Ben Folds and Regina Spektor (so good, but it does have a bad word)
*Don't be Shy-Cat Stevens (Cat is my very favorite)
*Love Story-Taylor Swift (even James like this one)
*Wake Up-Arcade Fire (from Where the Wild Things are sounds track-I love this band)
*Oh and anything Modest Mouse-I love them
I have to think of some more-but that is all I can think of right now!

tiburon said...

Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
Good Vibrations - Beach Boys
Hotel California - The Iggles
Summer Breeze - Jason Mraz
Hey Ya - Outkast
Cruel Summer - Bananarama
Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams
You Should Be Dancing - Bee Gees
Walking on the Sun - Smashmouth
Rock Lobster - B-52's
Viva La Vida - Coldplay
California Girls - Beach Boys
Pocketful of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield
Master Blaster (Jammin') - Stevie Wonder
Island in the Sun - Weezer
Vacation - Go Go's

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